Sunday, December 27, 2015

Exceeded Expectations - McCall's 7254

You ever have that one project where you plan it in your head for weeks (or months), then you measure out the fabric at some point to make sure you have enough, then more time goes by and you add it back to the front of the queue, then you cut the pattern and fabric all out, then more time goes by and you finally decide to pick up the UFO, then you realize that you didn't follow the cutting layout because you are missing multiple pieces, then you realize that you can't do anything about it because YOU DON'T HAVE ANYMORE OF THAT FABRIC?!

No? Me neither. lol sike, this was that project for me. And I was BLOWN. I just put the insufficient number of pieces back in the bag, shut off the light in my sewing room, and laid back in my bed.... I know, I'm dramatic lol.

This cardigan/jacket is McCall's 7254 and it may be my favorite thing I've sewn in all of 2015. I made View C and I cut out a Medium. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Todo por La Patria - Panama 2015

Hi friends :-) If you know me in real life (or follow me on instagram) you know that I went to Panama last month for a little more than a week. Last year I went for Carnaval but this year I decided to go for Independence day. It was awesome. There were Panamanian flags on every house and business and multi-day parades and constant news coverage on the history of Panama. 

I decided to do a photo dump on the 2 days of parades. Nov 3rd was spent watching the more traditional paraders. Schools, military, indigenous groups, and organizations. People dress up their children in traditional costumes and it's an all out good time. My mom even got interviewed by a tv personality LOL. 

The 4th was more about independent bands and their dancing, tricks, and fancy instruments. I only have evening pics for the independent bands but I had so much fun watching them. I want to join a band so bad! lol Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

3x the Charm? - Black Gingers

Well, well, well... Look at who can't get enough lol. I have completed my 3rd iteration of the Ginger Jeans pattern from ClosetCaseFiles. First two here and here. I don't see myself getting tired of this pattern. I'm in jeans whenever I don't have to dress up and they're just comfortable. Plus the October project for the ThRed&Needles group on Facebook was jeans. This time around I really attempted to fix some fitting issues that I dealt with on previous versions (mostly version 2) and I think I did a pretty good job.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Soma somewhere near Sona - Papercut Soma Swimsuit

One of my favorite shows to have EVER been on television is Prison Break! I, to this day, believe that the writing and acting were touched by a literal angel lol. I'm pretty good at predicting tv shows and movies. More than pretty good actually, spot on most times. The thing about Prison Break was that as soon as you start catching on to how the plots work and the spins in the writing, they put a spin on THAT spin. Pretty much, you can never see what's coming next. Check it out on Netflix. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Most people that read my blog know that my mom's side of the family is from Panama. I had the pleasure of going back to Panama again last week for vacation and had a BLAST. Back to why I was telling you about Prison Break. There is a point in the show where the lead actor gets sent to a prison in Panama. The name of that prison is SONA. That season of the show is so outlandish and intense that it made me proud that they used Panama as the place to shoot it lol. Even though Sona isn't REALLY a prison in Panama, every time I go to a beach in Panama I feel like it's right on the other side of the bushes.

So I said all that to say that I made a swimsuit to where to Panama for vacation LOL. The pattern I chose is the Soma Swimsuit by Papercut Patterns. I cut the Bikini Variation 1 in a size small.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shine bright like a Diamond - Burda 6858

October is almost OVER! Time is flying faster than I can look up some days. Two weeks ago one of my best friends married one of my other friends in a BEAUTIFUL outdoor wedding in a crook of Richmond, VA. Being that I love me an event to sew for, I mulled over about 4 different patterns, none of which were the one I chose lol The colors were purple and silver so I had some purple stretch cotton and purple lace I was going to use.....but did not lol. As the date got closer I was bordering on not making anything because I had found a really pretty gown at Ross. Then 2 weeks before the date, I had an epiphany at work and this pattern popped into my head.  As soon as I got home I pulled it out and searched my stash for fabric that would go with it. With a new determination, and a couple of other turns taken, I finished the dress the night before the wedding in 4 hours lol.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Birthday Hack! - Itch to Stitch Lindy & Davina

Woohoo! It's been one year since Itch to Stitch patterns released their first pattern and they are ready to celebrate! When Kennis hit up a little bit ago and asked me if I wanted to help celebrate, i was honored! Plus I'm ALWAYS ready for a celebration lol

She offered to send me a pattern to make and I went for the Davina dress. I love a V-neck and I appreciated the different style options. Because the them of the celebration is to HACK, I decided to throw a Lindy Petal Skirt on the Davina. I had actually already had the Lindy in my email for about 2 months. Plus it's free!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chambray Joggers got me looking like Hip Hop - Vogue 8909

Well if this wasn't a LOOOONNGGG time coming! I've been wanting a pair of joggers since the hipsters started hipping and people started accepting sweat pants as casual clothes lol I'm definitely all about comfort when I'm around the house and even when I'm on the go. I don't always have a fancy event to wear dresses to. Most of the time I'm just chilling with family or running errands or relaxing in the house, and those are things that I DON'T need to get extra dressed up for lol.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn Wrap - Vogue 8379

Greetings from ever dramatically-changing weather on the East coast. I swear it was JUST summer two weeks ago and now it's feeling like borderline winter. I guess it is October... but geesh. Can we have a transition period??! lol.

Anyway, I've already started switching the style up. In the ThRed&Needles sewing group on Facebook, the September sew-a-long was wrap dresses. Perfect! because I LOVE me a wrap dress and they look great in every season. Throw on a blazer or a scarf and that makes it all the better. For this dress very autumn-colored dress, I decided to rock some boots.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Wrapped in Flowers - Named Kielo Wrap Dress

This has been an interesting week in weather. I've had to wear long sleeves and scarves on the way to work and then on the way home, I'm hot because the temp decided to take an afternoon jump. So weird. It makes it hard to give up summer even though we are finally TECHNICALLY into fall.  I've decided that I want to get just a FEW more summery pieces in before I have to wear a peacoat everywhere I go lol

Enter, the Kielo Wrap Dress by Named that I've had on my heart to make since Spring weather ended back in May. This is my 2nd time making a named pattern even though I have about 13 of their patterns lol I cut the size 10 for this.. or better yet, a size 42.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Sewing Plans...maybe

I don't do this often because I hate saying I'm going to do something and then don't end up doing it lol. This is a list of all of the things I want to make before winter comes in full force, although I'm sure many of these pieces will trickle into that season.  I want to get these things done and then focus most of my winter on pants for work and holiday sewing!

I have to start being real with myself.... I'm not a practical sewer. I'm an "event" sewer. I like to make things to wear to specific occasions or to participate in challenges. I'd LIKE to start being practical though, so I threw in a few things that I need/want amongst the things I have to get done to wear to some things coming up. 

These aren't in the order I'm going to sew them. Just a compilation.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Toronto 2015

I went to Canada this year with a few of my friends to check out what Caribana was all about and hit OVO Fest at the same time. If you're not familiar with Caribana, it's the caribbean carnival hosted in Toronto every year. And OVO Fest is the 2 day music festival that Drake hosts every year on the same weekend! 

We stayed in an AirBnb right in the middle of the city!This is a mini photo dump of some highlights of the trip. I like to keep some of my travel memories to myself ;-) but I'll caption the photos below to give a little bit more info of the things what went on!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Needles & Fashion Sew Social Meetup!

I'm back here to share a few photos of the meetup Jenese and I hosted for the Facebook Group she started, Needles and Fashion. Jenese has such a generous heart and her creativity is pretty out of this world! This is the 3rd DMV Area Meetup that she's let me organize. This one was more involved though because the first two were just food and fellowship. This time, though, we found a space and told all of the attendees to bring their sewing machines and fabric to sew something together!

It was technically the DMV Area Meetup, but we had people come as far as Richmond and Philly to participate! We had 10 ladies make their way in addition to me and Jenese with a cameo or two from Jenese's young one. We had breakfast from Panera (bagels, coffee, and pastries) and a Caribbean cuisine lunch/dinner featuring both jerk and curry chicken with rice and peas and a side of salad. 

We were able to giveaway goodie bags with our usual N&F Meetup frame (not pictured :-( ) and also stuff it with copies of information about sewing techniques that I got from another lady in the group, LaToria, that I had the opportunity to meet the day before. I was gifting her a sewing machine for her new full-time business as a sewing teacher and she gave me TONS of information to give to the ladies that would be attending! She also gave me my hearts desire in yardage of black and white waistband interfacing. She really was just the sweetest lady. If you're in the DMV area looking for a personal sewing teacher please let me know and I will get you in touch with her. She teaches a number of ladies in the Facebook Group and they always rave about how awesome she is.

The pattern that Jenese picked to do the sewalong was the Sewaholic Robson Coat. Much of the time spent was putting together ALL of those pdf pages and cutting the pieces out lol. The ladies brought such interesting fabrics to make the coat with! One even had gold bias tape to bind the insides. It was exciting to see everyone's different styles. Unfortunately, no coats came out of the day, but people that brought other projects to work on were able to make good progress or finish what they came to do.

We did our usual 1yd challenge/swap and Jenese gave away a ridiculous amount of fabric yardage to each person that came.  We also had a pattern swap/giveaway with a full variety of different patterns and pattern sizes. Also, I had one of my best friends, Ahlora, make strawberry shortcake and red velvet cupcakes with sewing decorations for the event. They were AWESOME! and if you're in the Baltimore area looking for sweet for your next baby shower/birthday/graduation/etc. don't hesitate to check out her blog or email her directly at (yes MAIL, not Gmail lol)

It was such an honor meeting the different women that we interact with so much on the Facebook Group. We had a good time talking and singing and learning from each other. Maybe that's why we didn't finish any coats?? lool That's probably the perfect reason and it was an awesome time! My only regret is forgetting to take a group picture!! I'm still so mad about it smh but you live and learn. I'm looking forward to planning the next one!

Check out the pics I was able to capture below!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shirtdress 2 Ways - McCall's 6124

Hello, Lovely People! I have a couple of posts backlogged but I wanted to get this one in by the deadline. There are a few reasons why I chose to make a Shirtdress for August. The first one is that Ruqayyah started a Facebook group and the first sewalong for the group was a Shirtdress. Second, Michelle contacted me about working together for the TMS challenge this month (Two is the Magic Number). She suggested we make the same pattern or different patterns but the same fabric or any other combination. 

First let me say, I was honored because I'm still surprised that people actually read my blog! Plus Michelle is the winner of the Rippin' Ain't Easy sewing competition run by PrettyGirlsSew as well as one of the judges for the 2nd round of The Super Online Sewing Match run by Sew Mama Sew.

I more than happily accepted and suggested we make Shirtdresses out of African Print fabric. We decided on McCall's 6124, picked a day to meet and set off to make our garments! The deal was done!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shining White - McCall's 6647

Hiiiii friends! I can't believe I've been away for a whole MONTH! So many things have been going on and I definitely haven't been sewing the way I THOUGHT I was going to be lol. I made my last garment on July 25th and hadn't touched my machine until this past weekend. Fortunately the absence will result in a couple more blog posts because I've been on the move!

This post is about the dress I made for my 25th birthday party! I ended not being able to celebrate my birthday ON my birthday because I was participating in wedding festivities so I ended up having a party a couple of weeks later. It had an All-White theme so you KNOW I had to make something special!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stashed - Vogue 1247

Well, I've finally decided to catch up with the pack and make a community favorite. This is Vogue 1247. I've actually made this pattern before but I made the blouse. This is my first time making the mini skirt.

And when I say "mini skirt" that's and understatement for my 5'9 height. I knew from other reviews and just by looking at the pattern envelope that I would need to add length but I only had 1 yard remnant from JoAnn's to work with. The remnant is labeled "Davi Fuschia Hibiscus Tro 44"". It's 100% cotton.

Friday, July 10, 2015

25 - Ankara Birthday Skirt

....Orrrr 300 months old. Whichever way you put it, I'm a quarter of a century today!

I'm so excited for this birthday! I feel like I'm a certified adult adult today lol. I've grown ALOT this past year. I made a few new friends and lost a few old ones. I traveled like my money was long and didn't have any regrets. I've progressed at my job and put myself in a position to be doing what I want to be doing with my company. I've spent more time with my family than ever before. I've learned more self-control, patience, and love. Hopefully my 25th year will exceed the past!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Windy Remnant Kimono

Heyyyyyy guys! I was on a roll last month with getting projects cranked out and I'm not trying to slow down now. I went to California this past weekend to and I wanted to make something for my trip since I never really do vacation sewing. I needed something super easy because I didn't have a lot of time to make anything. After rummaging through my stash of remnants, I found this pretty chiffon and decided a kimono would be the quick project I was looking for.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The New Wave - Manta Wave Leggings

I'm back with some new new. I've had about 11-13 Named patterns in my email for about a year and change and I hadn't made one YET... until now. I started with something easy just to see what sizing was like. These are the Manta Wave Leggings.

They're wave leggings because they curve below the knee in the front and above the calf in the back. There are only two pattern pieces for this pattern, a top and a bottom. There also isn't side seams. This pattern is REALLY really easy to make up. The pattern instructions for these are only 1 page long (and that's including pictures lol)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jade is New to Me

My mother is the best cook in our family. (no offense aunties!) Really she is. I may be biased but I don't think that's it. Majority of my friends can vouch for it's deliciousness and she is always called on for recipe advice and cooking tips. Growing up watching her, I realized that she pretty much uses much of the same ingredients on everything lol. Lemon Pepper, Seasoned Salt or Garlic Salt, Parsley Flakes, Pepper, Pepper, Pepper (lol), and PAPRIKA. My mom puts Paprika on EVERYTHING. On meats, I understand her obsession, it gives the meat color. But I'll be making Macaroni&Cheese and if I turn around and look back, she'll be sprinkling paprika on my mac!!! I keep trying to tell her that Paprika doesn't ACTUALLY have flavor but she ignores me and continues to be the best cook I know.

I say that all to say... I made the Jade skirt from Paprika Patterns.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Everyone's Favorite Workhorse - McCall's 7082

I'm feeling so productive these days! Meet another UFO from January that has obviously now transitioned to FO status *hollllaaaa!

I'm calling this piece everyone's favorite workhorse because it's a Black Skirt. Perfect for virtually ANY occasion and it can be mixed and matched with a plethora of different tops and shoes and accessories. I really don't know where you can go wrong with it. ... Which is exactly why I needed one.  While I was going through my patterns, I just wanted something simple. Something with pleats because I love those, and pockets (because, yes.), and something that wasn't going to fly up at any given blow of the wind. That last part was a huge part of it because my rose dress and my mad men dress are pretty impossible to wear outside for too long without me trying to reinvent the Marilyn pose or walk around with my skirt bunched up in my hands -_-. I wanted something basic but not BORING.

I couldn't find a skirt pattern that I was all in with so I ended up taking the skirt from McCalls 7082 (cutting a size 14 at the time but that size is a little big now) and the pockets from Simplicity 1354 and *voila* I have my dream basic skirt pattern.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ginger Separates and Dares

Hello, hello, hello!

I haven't been participating in The Monthly Stitch monthly challenges like I'm used to doing but today I'm back to jump in for Indie Pattern Month! Week two of the Indie competition is "Separates": basically sewing at least 2 things that go together. Perfect time for me because 1. I wanted to make a pair of high-waisted shorts and 2. Gillian DARED me to make some shorts or cutoffs... well look at them stars aligning again ;-)

*Disclaimer: This is going to be a very long (but informative ;-)) post!

For this outfit I used Closet Case Files patterns; The Nettie bodysuit and The Ginger Jeans. I told you I wasn't done with these here bodysuits lol I have another fabric washed and on the cutting table too.. but I digress.  For the bodysuit, I cut a size 12 in both the bodysuit and the gingers.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Look, Ma! No sleeves! - Simplicty Sew Simple A1738

Well, well, well... It seems that I missed my 2 year Blog anniversary this past Tuesday. Two years already! I feel like I just started learning how to sew yesterday... well not yesterday but maybe the day before yesterday lol. I'm grateful to everyone that follows this here humble blog and I appreciate your support and comments and encouragement and help. The sewing community has been so awesome and I am glad to be apart of it!

Let me go ahead and tell you about this UFO that has been chilling in the UFO basket since JANUARY. Ain't that a shame?? Anyway, it's Simplicity "Sew Simple" A1738. I came across it in blogland when I first started reading sewing blogs and I believe it went OOP because I couldn't find it anywhere but then I ended up copping the last one in a random Wal-Mart around my way.  I liked the idea of an easy cardigan or blazer that I could finish in an hour or so. (idk how an hour turned 5 months lol)

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Testament to Faithfulness

This past weekend I went to Ocean City with 13 other people in a 15 passenger van.

That almost sounds like a recipe for disaster lol but it was the complete opposite. Let me start by saying, a few months ago I began praying to God for friends. Not just any kind of friends, I actually have a good number of friends. I specifically have been asking God for friends that will push me toward Him. Friends I won't feel judged or insecure around. Friends who don't always have other people on their lips. Friends I can have a good time with where I don't leave feeling guilty about anything I've done. Friends who have a heart for Him.

Don't get me wrong, I do have a few friends like that. I guess at this point in our lives, everyone is so busy with their relationships and getting married and having the chirrens that we don't really have time for each other anymore. And at my church there aren't very many people in the 20-30 range. Most of the "young adults" are in their mid-thirties now, and then there is a big gap that goes straight down to the teens. And seeing as I'm not about to just leave my church because there aren't many people my age around me, I decided to pray for some lol.

I'm not going to go through a novel, but long-story short, God answered my prayers. Through a good friend of mine from college, I was introduced to a number of young people in the DMV area that pretty much just hang together lol. Going to different churches and living in different parts of the tri-state area, these people have become each other's family. Well this past weekend, I was invited to their family beach trip to celebrate a few people's birthdays. Just thinking over that entire day has still left me extremely full and thankful. It started something like this:

My friend and I got to the meet up spot (on time; ha!) and were waiting for other people to arrive. While waiting with another early-comer we somehow randomly started talking about different people in the bible and how they are characterized by some people. While talking about it, we just got confused and decided "Let's just read it!". Next thing you know, we have our bible apps open, reading books of scripture trying to get some kind of understanding. By the time a few more people had come, they joined in the discussion and the thing that had us confused in the first place is the EXACT thing that someone else had been studying about and they had answer that we had been looking for! 

I'm not going to recap the entire trip but I just want to say "Thank you" to each and every person that was in that van. I can honestly say that I've never been around so many young people that are down to have bible study at the drop of a hat. We had about 3 of them that day alone lol. People wanting to pray constantly. People able to have serious discussions about the Lord with the ability to learn from and admonish each other without any condemnation. People that know how to turn up to music that has a tight beat but glorifies God at the same time. People that share. People that are patient and slow to anger or offense. People with humble, quiet spirits. People with humble, loud spirits lol. People that make me want to go home and open my bible. People that lovingly check one another. People that excitedly take the attention off of themselves and place it on Jesus for the world to hear. Godly MEN taking control without being asked whether it be to drive 13 other VERY outspoken people or handling a 14 person bill at a restaurant. Men who don't objectify women. Men who pray. Gentlemen. Godly CONFIDENT women who wear their heart for God on their sleeve and let it constantly pour from their lips. Women that inspire me in their bold visions, modesty, and love toward one another. Women who get just as excited as new bride-to-be (a stranger at that) and have it in their spirit to go over and pray for her.

I didn't get home til 4am Sunday morning and I had to be at church, IN the choir stand, at 9am. I thought I was going to be so tired. Most times I get home anything CLOSE to that late and have to be in church early, I either don't go, or my mind is not all there. I can honestly say that I was in church, wide awake and so ready to receive whatever the Spirit wanted to tell me. It's like I never left His presence. (I know He doesn't leave but I know what I'm trying to say lol) 

I'm pretty much saying all of this to say that it is people like YOU all who are going to change this generation. You're already changing the culture ( ;-) ). Thanks for having me and confirming that what I have been asking God for isn't unattainable. Thank you for letting Jesus shine through each and every one of you.

Love, Tasha.

MMMay'15 Week 4 Round Up and Conclusions

Week .5 Roundup / Week 1 Roundup / Week 2 Roundup / Week 3 Roundup

I made it! I have successfully completed my first Me-made-may! I pledged to wear one thing that I have made/refashioned every day in May and I have (with the exception of one very sick day) with no repeats! I'm very proud of myself and realized that I have more me-made clothes than I thought. And this is AFTER giving away a number of items.

I'll talk more about what I learned at the end. This is what I wore the past week:

Day 25
Floral Pants w/ ankle zippers (blogged)
Kwik Sew 3807
RTW top

Day 26
Easter Dress (blogged)
Butterick 6054

Day 27
Detachable Collar (blogged)
Vogue 8900

Day 28
Modified Peplum (blogged)
Two-piece-setacular skirt (blogged)
Vogue 8825

Day 29
Faux Wrap Dress (blogged)
McCalls 6884
RTW button up

Day 30
Refashioned Skirt (blogged)
RTW crop top

Day 31
Purple Tribute Dress (blogged)
McCalls 6752

It is clear why I don't wear a lot of my earlier makes. They all have SOMETHING that's off about them. Whether it's a zipper insertion, or too small somewhere, too short somewhere, or bust points not right, whatever. Most of my mid july 2014 makes and after I really like and have less problems with. There are a few pieces I plan to give away and I don't feel any regret about them.

I am glad to see that I have pieces that I don't plan on giving up in the foreseeable future too so that was very encouraging.

Holes: PANTS. Even though it's supposed to be spring/summer weather, I had the pieces for that but when it was raining or randomly cold, I didn't have anything that was comfortable for those conditions. So not only do I really need to start getting serious about making pants (and not just saying it) but I also need sweaters and jackets as well.

I'm pretty square away in the dress department but I can't stop won't stop making them lol I love dresses and not having to match stuff lol.

The month of May made me really step up my game in the style department because instead of just waking up and throwing on anything (like I usually do) I had to be intentional and I got a lot of compliments on my outfits. People have been telling me that I've been dressing much nicer and they would be correct. I used to think that my pieces weren't very versatile but I was wrong. If I just put the extra bit of effort into going into my massive closet I can definitely find stuff to go with them. And from now on, I will!

How did your pledge go?!

Talk to you later this week about Indie Pattern Month over at TMS! :-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Nettie of many Colors

"Bodysuit, I love thee. Let me count the ways...."

I am a sucker for a good bodysuit. Not just any bodysuit though. A bodysuit with a unique design element, one that's not too high cut and doesn't HAVE to be worn with something high-waist, and the most important thing: one with a snap crotch! My mom has passed down at least 7 or 8 bodysuits to me over the years but none of them has everything that I'm looking for. They're all 1 for 3 or 2 for 3. Never 3 for 3. Then Heather came along and put my heart's desire into one pattern: The Nettie Bodysuit.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Freezing Summers - McCalls 6996

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that summer is my FAVORITE season! I just really love the sun and all of the fun that comes with it.  The ONLY problem with the summer is work. lol Not my job, I love my job. But the building I work in feels like 50 degrees as soon as the sun starts showing itself outside. And 50 degrees is not very conducive to the tank tops and sun dresses that I love to wear this time of the year. SO I decided to make myself a few cardigans.  The first of at least 2 is this one:

Monday, May 25, 2015

MMMay'15 Week 3 Roundup

Happy Memorial Day everyone! My thoughts are with anyone and everyone that has lost someone in the line of duty. I come from a family with a lot of military personnel but have been blessed to have them still around. I don't think I could imagine losing them in that way and my respect goes out to those that have.

Today is also the 1 year anniversary of my Grandfather's death. He did serve his country as well so it is nice to be able to remember him today of all days.

About Me-Made-May, this last week I was not feeling my best so my face looks pretty bummed in some of these lol. I started feeling better near the end of the week though! And I got some new pieces in as well!


Day 18
Refashioned Skinny Pants (blogged)
RTW Blazer & Crop Top

Day  19
Mad Men dress (blogged)
New Look 6243

Day 20
I was in bed most of this day and did not actually get dressed :-/

Day 21
Wave Cardigan (unblogged)
McCall's 6996
RTW tank top, Thrifted khakis

Day 22
Oversized Infinity scarf/hood/blanket (unblogged)
Did not get dressed, spent all day doing my hair lol

Day 23
Betsey Johnson Bodysuit (unblogged)
Nettie Bodysuit
RTW skirt

Day 24
Missy Bossy Pants (blogged)
Burda 6981
  I'm so excited to write the final Roundup and assess what I've learned from my first Me-Made-May. I have JUST enough pieces to get me through this last week lol. I am working on getting more done though. Now that my measurements are looking closer to the ones I started sewing with, I feel more confident in putting in the work to make the garments. I have a UFO from February that should be done this week. It only needs a zipper and for the lining to be inserted (already constructed). I also have fabric washed and dried for about 10 more pieces so I'm excited to get started on those.

That's what's going on around here. See you soon with some blog posts of the unblogged pieces I have from this post and the last one.

Have a great Holiday!

Monday, May 18, 2015

MMMay'15 Week 2 Round Up

Good Afternoon! This post is a bit late because yesterday was super busy with my family and then instead of remembering to write this round up, I watched Maleficent for the first time. Sorry, not sorry that movie was awesome lol


Day 11
Dress into a Top (blogged)
RTW Cardigan and Jeans

Day  12
Dress into a Maxi Skirt (blogged)
RTW top

Day 13
Leopard color-block dress (blogged)
Kwik Sew 3633
RTW Cardigan

Day 14
Lace Pencil Skirt (blogged)
New Look 6103
RTW blouse and cardigan

Day 15
Leaping Leopard (blogged)
Vogue 1395

Day 16
Faux Leather Jeans (blogged)
RTW sweater

Day 17
Sleeveless Vest (unblogged)
Simplicity Sew Simple A37
RTW top and Jeans
I'm feeling really good because I finished 3 UFO's this weekend! And I got pics in all of them! Ha! There's some productivity for you! lol I'm hoping to keep this streak going. I have a bunch more on the cutting table and a blanket I want to make this week for a baby on the way :-D
I'm excited for summer and the dresses that I have planned. I just need to keep consistent in that gym so that I can fit into them -_-. I've been taking whatever random class they have at the gym whenever I'm able to go. So far I've taken Body Step, Body Pump, Body Attack, Yoga, Kangoo Jumps, Pilates and Triple Threat. Tonight I'm going to try out Body Combat. I may even stay for Zumba but idk because some Zumba classes are so cutesy. I want something that's gonna make me feel something so we'll see.
That's all that's going on with me! I hope you all have a great week and don't forget to follow me on Instagram!
How's your Me-Made-May pledge going??