Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stashed - Vogue 1247

Well, I've finally decided to catch up with the pack and make a community favorite. This is Vogue 1247. I've actually made this pattern before but I made the blouse. This is my first time making the mini skirt.

And when I say "mini skirt" that's and understatement for my 5'9 height. I knew from other reviews and just by looking at the pattern envelope that I would need to add length but I only had 1 yard remnant from JoAnn's to work with. The remnant is labeled "Davi Fuschia Hibiscus Tro 44"". It's 100% cotton.

I cut the size 12 which was the lowest size in the range that I bought. A 12 is also my usual vogue size but the waistband on this is TIGHT. Like, it's not an eating skirt lol I cut the pattern a long time ago so I was probably cutting for a 28" waist but now my waist is around 30". I'll either have to cut a bigger size next time or resolve to get rid of those inches.... at LEAST one of them lol

For the back, I decided to tape together the back yoke and the lower back piece to conserve fabric. I also didn't want to break up the pattern more than I already was.

I have a problem with stashing remnants. I have 3 large plastic bags of remnants from JoAnn's (a few from Hancock's). I've noticed from other people's post that some places have remnants that are greater than 1 yrd long. All of the remnants from JoAnn's are 1yd or less. Most people overlook the bin because most of the remnants aren't substantial enough but I can never pass it up. Sometimes I find multiple remnants of the same fabric and sometimes I just gems like swimsuit lining and voile and silk. Most times I figure I could at least use them for a contrast or a lining or a yoke or something. I've had this particular fabric stashed for at least a year and earlier this year I decided I should let it shine on it's own with this simple pattern.

Also, all of the notions that I needed to make this skirt were in my stash as well. I had light pink and forest green bias tape that I got from G-Street Fabrics a LONG time ago for 50% off. I decided to mix up the colors because I didn't have enough of either one for the entire skirt. I still have a little bit of each though for a smaller project.

The zipper is one I had stashed together from a set of 50 assorted zippers I got from a group on Facebook. It was so long ago though that I don't remember what it was called though.  I also have a BUNCH of hooks & eyes from my last trip to Panama.

I love not having to go to the store to have to start a project. I'm getting nervous though, because I've been thinking about what's going to happen when my stash starts getting low. I've calmed down so much with my spending I don't think I want to go back to the way I was when I was buying so many supplies & notions all at one time... I don't know though. I guess I'll deal with it when I get there.

I think the instructions to this pattern are very easy to understand. I didn't follow them completely though. The changes I made are:
  • I topstitched the front of the skirt around the pockets
  • I topstitched the waistband to hold the waistband facing down
  • I did a 1/4" bias bound hem because I couldn't afford to lose any more length.

I definitely like this pattern a lot. I think I will like it more when I get make it a little longer. lol It has reignited my love for Vogue patterns. The designer patterns are my favorite to make and I always learn so much when I try a new one.

Right now I'm working on a dress for my party this weekend and another dress to wear to church and work. I'm so happy to be consistently sewing :-D See you back here soon! 

How do you feel about stashing? Do you buy for each individual project or do you have supplies on hand?? Chime in folks!

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