Monday, May 25, 2015

MMMay'15 Week 3 Roundup

Happy Memorial Day everyone! My thoughts are with anyone and everyone that has lost someone in the line of duty. I come from a family with a lot of military personnel but have been blessed to have them still around. I don't think I could imagine losing them in that way and my respect goes out to those that have.

Today is also the 1 year anniversary of my Grandfather's death. He did serve his country as well so it is nice to be able to remember him today of all days.

About Me-Made-May, this last week I was not feeling my best so my face looks pretty bummed in some of these lol. I started feeling better near the end of the week though! And I got some new pieces in as well!


Day 18
Refashioned Skinny Pants (blogged)
RTW Blazer & Crop Top

Day  19
Mad Men dress (blogged)
New Look 6243

Day 20
I was in bed most of this day and did not actually get dressed :-/

Day 21
Wave Cardigan (unblogged)
McCall's 6996
RTW tank top, Thrifted khakis

Day 22
Oversized Infinity scarf/hood/blanket (unblogged)
Did not get dressed, spent all day doing my hair lol

Day 23
Betsey Johnson Bodysuit (unblogged)
Nettie Bodysuit
RTW skirt

Day 24
Missy Bossy Pants (blogged)
Burda 6981
  I'm so excited to write the final Roundup and assess what I've learned from my first Me-Made-May. I have JUST enough pieces to get me through this last week lol. I am working on getting more done though. Now that my measurements are looking closer to the ones I started sewing with, I feel more confident in putting in the work to make the garments. I have a UFO from February that should be done this week. It only needs a zipper and for the lining to be inserted (already constructed). I also have fabric washed and dried for about 10 more pieces so I'm excited to get started on those.

That's what's going on around here. See you soon with some blog posts of the unblogged pieces I have from this post and the last one.

Have a great Holiday!

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