Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Toronto 2015

I went to Canada this year with a few of my friends to check out what Caribana was all about and hit OVO Fest at the same time. If you're not familiar with Caribana, it's the caribbean carnival hosted in Toronto every year. And OVO Fest is the 2 day music festival that Drake hosts every year on the same weekend! 

We stayed in an AirBnb right in the middle of the city!This is a mini photo dump of some highlights of the trip. I like to keep some of my travel memories to myself ;-) but I'll caption the photos below to give a little bit more info of the things what went on!


We headed out to the the Caribana parade pretty early because we wanted to catch most of it. I didn't realize how separated the parade was from the crowd. I was told when I got back that later in the parade, the barriers were generally taken down. I know for next time!

accidentally let a penny slip in there lol

After relaxing from the parade, we got ready to go out to the weekend main event which was "Carnival Kingdom" with Machel Montano headlining! There were plenty of other artists though, and the park was PACKED. I'm so glad we splurged for VIP tickets lol



Machel Montano!

A wedding party was taking pics and video of newlyweds dancing on a roof across from our apartment :-D

the view from our balcony

We only went to Day 1 of OVO Fest and this year it was actually J.Cole's "Forest Hills Drive" concert line up. The amount of people that were there to see J.Cole was amazing! I can't even imagine what Day 2 had to have been like with Drake headlining.


Before hopping on a plane home, we made sure to stop by Niagara Falls to experience it from the Canadian side!

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