Thursday, May 26, 2022

A little Vintage Casual | McCall's 8194

 Hello Friends! Can you believe that it's almost JUNE and the weather still doesn't know what it wants to do?! Now that my sew-jo is back, I've been going back and forth about what to make but I have to keep pushing back summer dresses, and it's a little too warm for the camo jacket I want to make lol.

But I will never tire of making dresses, I just needed one that would work for this awkward weather transition, but ALSO be multi-functional. I wanted something that wasn't TOO fancy that I'd feel weird pulling it out to hang out with friends on the weekend, but fancy ENOUGH that it could be dressed up for a classy event.

That's how I've come to make this dress that is giving me such a cute vintage flair!

This is McCall's 8194, View A in the length & sleeves of View B. I cut the size 16.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Carousel Blouse | McCall's 7957

Hello friends! As you can see, I'm still at the needle! This blouse has been a WIP for a couple of YEARS and all I had to finish were the SLEEVES.

This is McCall's 7957 , View B  in a size 12. This pattern is OOP but you can get it on Pattern Review or Etsy.