Thursday, July 6, 2017

Floral Cold Shoulder | McCall's 7412

Hola amigos! Hope everyone is doing well in the best month of the year! :-D

I'm back to share a top I planned on making to wear to my 10 year High School reunion. I did finish it in time but the resulting outfit that I had put together wasn't enough "va va voom" for the situation, so I ended up changing my outfit completely. It's crazy to me that I've been out of high school for 10 years! Honestly, it feels like more LOL

Anyway, back to the top! The pattern I used is McCall's 7412. I did a combination of views A and C for the shorter tunic length and shorter sleeves. I cut my normal McCall's size, Medium.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fabrics from Germany

In my last post, I talked about visiting Germany on my first Eurotrip! I planned most of the things I wanted to do and see before I left but one thing hadn't even crossed my mind. I have been on a "fabric fast" all year so fabric shopping wasn't anywhere near my list of desires, but once I got acclimated into my accommodations in Cologne I started thinking "there might be a fabric store around here".