Friday, July 10, 2015

25 - Ankara Birthday Skirt

....Orrrr 300 months old. Whichever way you put it, I'm a quarter of a century today!

I'm so excited for this birthday! I feel like I'm a certified adult adult today lol. I've grown ALOT this past year. I made a few new friends and lost a few old ones. I traveled like my money was long and didn't have any regrets. I've progressed at my job and put myself in a position to be doing what I want to be doing with my company. I've spent more time with my family than ever before. I've learned more self-control, patience, and love. Hopefully my 25th year will exceed the past!

When I left for my California trip, I hadn't planned to make anything for my birthday because I wasn't going to have any time. But when I got BACK from my trip, I was determined to make SOMETHING to celebrate this milestone!

Two years ago, my friend Macy brought me this fabric from her travels as a birthday gift. The print was SO big I couldn't think of what to make of it to preserve the design but get something that I would love to wear. Two years wiser and more creativity flowing though my veins, I decided that I wanted a half circle skirt and that I would maneuver it any way possible lol.

Like I said the fabric is Ankara and this is what the selvage says if anyone wanted to find it:

I decided to use a pattern I knew would fit. Enter New Look 6243, the dress pattern I used for my Mad Men Dress. I LOVED the skirt from that dress.  The fabric is only 42" wide so the pattern pieces didn't fit the fabric, nor did it the the entire pattern.  I ended up just cutting around the huge starburst and up to the lowest possible length of the side seam. I get a high-low effect from the front and sides that I didn't know if I would like but I love.

This skirt came together really quickly. I had a stashed zipper AND bias tape the EXACT same color of the burgundy in the fabric so that was awesome. I did a lapped zipper in the back and used the bias tape to hem.

I am so in love with the back lol I used the selvage for the waistband and for the placement of the center back seam. I used the rays of the sunbursts to look like a little fan.

I have to run to rehearsal for my friend's wedding but thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!!

Love, Tash

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