Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Freezing Summers - McCalls 6996

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that summer is my FAVORITE season! I just really love the sun and all of the fun that comes with it.  The ONLY problem with the summer is work. lol Not my job, I love my job. But the building I work in feels like 50 degrees as soon as the sun starts showing itself outside. And 50 degrees is not very conducive to the tank tops and sun dresses that I love to wear this time of the year. SO I decided to make myself a few cardigans.  The first of at least 2 is this one:

The pattern I used is McCall's 6996. I went with the View A for the front and View CD for the back.
I just wanted something very simple without a bunch of seam lines and this pattern was perfect.  I cut a Medium.

I actually did a quick toile for this pattern! I know... ME lol I knew I would probably have to do a swayback adjustment so I didn't want to risk cutting into this beautiful fabric without knowing for sure.

And I was right. There was at least an inch of excess at the back. So then I had to figure out HOW to do a swayback adjustment without adding a CB seam because I didn't want to ruin the pattern of the fabric and I didn't have the patience for trying to pattern match on this particular fabric.

I ended up taking a 1 inch dart out of the waist tapered to nothing at the side seam, then straightening the fold line again and adding the fabric the fabric that I had to remove to straighten the fold line to the side seam. It worked for all intents and purposes but I will be adding a CB seam to any other iterations of this pattern.

Oh yea, I got this fabric from The Smuggler's Daughter. It is the Hourglass Curves Sweater Knit. It is see-through but it is surprisingly really warm. Like, I was wearing a tank top while sewing it and I couldn't have it on for too long in my sewing room without having to put on the fan lol. That makes this fabric PERFECT for the office.

The only pattern matching I could be bothered with was making sure that the center front lined up all the way down. I also did not hem the sleeves because the length would have been too short. Right now the sleeve length is EXACTLY right. Next time I make this I will add about an inch.

I did the bottom hem according to the instructions but I did not do a narrow hem on the bodice front pieces. I just folded them in 5/8 in, and catch-stitched it down.

I actually saw Kyle in this same fabric while checking out her Me-Made-May outfits. She made a skirt with it though. She also did not get it from the same place but it's definitely the same. I also saw this fabric in the store lol Different color but it really surprised me!

I think that's all I have for this piece. I actually wore it on Day 21 for Me-Made-May this year. I have a few more pieces that I've worn this month that will be blogged soon so come back now ya hear!

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