Monday, June 1, 2015

A Testament to Faithfulness

This past weekend I went to Ocean City with 13 other people in a 15 passenger van.

That almost sounds like a recipe for disaster lol but it was the complete opposite. Let me start by saying, a few months ago I began praying to God for friends. Not just any kind of friends, I actually have a good number of friends. I specifically have been asking God for friends that will push me toward Him. Friends I won't feel judged or insecure around. Friends who don't always have other people on their lips. Friends I can have a good time with where I don't leave feeling guilty about anything I've done. Friends who have a heart for Him.

Don't get me wrong, I do have a few friends like that. I guess at this point in our lives, everyone is so busy with their relationships and getting married and having the chirrens that we don't really have time for each other anymore. And at my church there aren't very many people in the 20-30 range. Most of the "young adults" are in their mid-thirties now, and then there is a big gap that goes straight down to the teens. And seeing as I'm not about to just leave my church because there aren't many people my age around me, I decided to pray for some lol.

I'm not going to go through a novel, but long-story short, God answered my prayers. Through a good friend of mine from college, I was introduced to a number of young people in the DMV area that pretty much just hang together lol. Going to different churches and living in different parts of the tri-state area, these people have become each other's family. Well this past weekend, I was invited to their family beach trip to celebrate a few people's birthdays. Just thinking over that entire day has still left me extremely full and thankful. It started something like this:

My friend and I got to the meet up spot (on time; ha!) and were waiting for other people to arrive. While waiting with another early-comer we somehow randomly started talking about different people in the bible and how they are characterized by some people. While talking about it, we just got confused and decided "Let's just read it!". Next thing you know, we have our bible apps open, reading books of scripture trying to get some kind of understanding. By the time a few more people had come, they joined in the discussion and the thing that had us confused in the first place is the EXACT thing that someone else had been studying about and they had answer that we had been looking for! 

I'm not going to recap the entire trip but I just want to say "Thank you" to each and every person that was in that van. I can honestly say that I've never been around so many young people that are down to have bible study at the drop of a hat. We had about 3 of them that day alone lol. People wanting to pray constantly. People able to have serious discussions about the Lord with the ability to learn from and admonish each other without any condemnation. People that know how to turn up to music that has a tight beat but glorifies God at the same time. People that share. People that are patient and slow to anger or offense. People with humble, quiet spirits. People with humble, loud spirits lol. People that make me want to go home and open my bible. People that lovingly check one another. People that excitedly take the attention off of themselves and place it on Jesus for the world to hear. Godly MEN taking control without being asked whether it be to drive 13 other VERY outspoken people or handling a 14 person bill at a restaurant. Men who don't objectify women. Men who pray. Gentlemen. Godly CONFIDENT women who wear their heart for God on their sleeve and let it constantly pour from their lips. Women that inspire me in their bold visions, modesty, and love toward one another. Women who get just as excited as new bride-to-be (a stranger at that) and have it in their spirit to go over and pray for her.

I didn't get home til 4am Sunday morning and I had to be at church, IN the choir stand, at 9am. I thought I was going to be so tired. Most times I get home anything CLOSE to that late and have to be in church early, I either don't go, or my mind is not all there. I can honestly say that I was in church, wide awake and so ready to receive whatever the Spirit wanted to tell me. It's like I never left His presence. (I know He doesn't leave but I know what I'm trying to say lol) 

I'm pretty much saying all of this to say that it is people like YOU all who are going to change this generation. You're already changing the culture ( ;-) ). Thanks for having me and confirming that what I have been asking God for isn't unattainable. Thank you for letting Jesus shine through each and every one of you.

Love, Tasha.

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