Why Telltale?

tell•tale (ˈtɛlˌteɪl) 

1. a person who reveals confidential matters.
2. a thing serving to reveal something.
3. any of various devices for indicating or registering, as a time clock.

I named this blog "The Telltale Tasha" because I not only want to share and enjoy my journey with anyone that wants to come along, but I also want my blog to serve as a source of information.

There are so many things that people do that they keep secret for personal gain or just because they want to be better or know more than the average person.... I say "poppycock"

We can and should all be able to learn from one another and I'm happy to share the things I've learned about a myriad of subjects over the past couple of years. Not only that, but the things I'm learning as I write this blog. 

Not only will I share WHAT I've done, but I plan on sharing the HOW as well.

So hopefully you can gain something from this abode of my thoughts and are able to share with some else!


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