Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shine bright like a Diamond - Burda 6858

October is almost OVER! Time is flying faster than I can look up some days. Two weeks ago one of my best friends married one of my other friends in a BEAUTIFUL outdoor wedding in a crook of Richmond, VA. Being that I love me an event to sew for, I mulled over about 4 different patterns, none of which were the one I chose lol The colors were purple and silver so I had some purple stretch cotton and purple lace I was going to use.....but did not lol. As the date got closer I was bordering on not making anything because I had found a really pretty gown at Ross. Then 2 weeks before the date, I had an epiphany at work and this pattern popped into my head.  As soon as I got home I pulled it out and searched my stash for fabric that would go with it. With a new determination, and a couple of other turns taken, I finished the dress the night before the wedding in 4 hours lol.

The pattern that I chose was Burda 6858 View C but in the longer length. I cut the 16 but I could have, and probably should have, cut a 14... or maybe even a 12. I get nervous about bust sizes sometimes and I didn't want this fabric to be forced across mine because the pattern would be visibly distorted if stretched too much. If I did cut a smaller size, I would have had to extend the b/w fabric on the sides a little to make sure my bra isn't fully exposed in the mesh.

Being that this sewed up so quickly, there isn't MUCH to say about it. The black/white/sequin fabric is an ITY knit from Fabric Mart and the black is a knit mesh from JoAnn Fabrics. You can see the shine in the fabric in the light and in person. The pics of me wearing it really do it no justice. Thanks goes to Jenese for the mesh fabric because my JoAnn's didn't have it and she got it for me and I picked up 2 days before the wedding lool. I'm entering this dress for TMS October "The Final Frontier" challenge.

The changes I made were to add 5 inches to the length so that I could wear heels and have them covered and I left the neckline edge and the hem raw. This was also my first time doing a raglan style and really liked it.

I had switched to flats at this point LOL

The pics aren't that great because of the lighting which kinda makes me sad but then I think about how beautiful the wedding was and I get over it lol I got a lot of compliments from wedding guests as well. :-)
Le bride and groom <3

Ivory Haze and me

This is another garment knocked off my Fall plans list! yay! I have a few more things I'll be getting done this week so be back soon!

Me and my cousin

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