Sunday, December 27, 2015

Exceeded Expectations - McCall's 7254

You ever have that one project where you plan it in your head for weeks (or months), then you measure out the fabric at some point to make sure you have enough, then more time goes by and you add it back to the front of the queue, then you cut the pattern and fabric all out, then more time goes by and you finally decide to pick up the UFO, then you realize that you didn't follow the cutting layout because you are missing multiple pieces, then you realize that you can't do anything about it because YOU DON'T HAVE ANYMORE OF THAT FABRIC?!

No? Me neither. lol sike, this was that project for me. And I was BLOWN. I just put the insufficient number of pieces back in the bag, shut off the light in my sewing room, and laid back in my bed.... I know, I'm dramatic lol.

This cardigan/jacket is McCall's 7254 and it may be my favorite thing I've sewn in all of 2015. I made View C and I cut out a Medium. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Todo por La Patria - Panama 2015

Hi friends :-) If you know me in real life (or follow me on instagram) you know that I went to Panama last month for a little more than a week. Last year I went for Carnaval but this year I decided to go for Independence day. It was awesome. There were Panamanian flags on every house and business and multi-day parades and constant news coverage on the history of Panama. 

I decided to do a photo dump on the 2 days of parades. Nov 3rd was spent watching the more traditional paraders. Schools, military, indigenous groups, and organizations. People dress up their children in traditional costumes and it's an all out good time. My mom even got interviewed by a tv personality LOL. 

The 4th was more about independent bands and their dancing, tricks, and fancy instruments. I only have evening pics for the independent bands but I had so much fun watching them. I want to join a band so bad! lol Enjoy!