Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Windy Remnant Kimono

Heyyyyyy guys! I was on a roll last month with getting projects cranked out and I'm not trying to slow down now. I went to California this past weekend to and I wanted to make something for my trip since I never really do vacation sewing. I needed something super easy because I didn't have a lot of time to make anything. After rummaging through my stash of remnants, I found this pretty chiffon and decided a kimono would be the quick project I was looking for.

I got the remnant from JoAnn's (per usual). It was 0.925 yds of "multicoloral [unreadable] chiffon". After finding the fabric, I went down a YouTube black hole of kimono tutorials looking for a cutting layout that would keep this project easy and keep most of the fabric in tact. I found this tutorial and decided to use it mostly because I wouldn't have to cut sleeves.

SO windy

I trued up all of the edges so I had straight edges to my rectangle before I started. I was originally planning on doing a rolled hem on all of the raw edges but when I got home I realized I didn't know how to use the foot properly or that the tutorial that I was reading to use the foot just wasn't going to work this this chiffon. Whatever it was, I had to come up with a Plan B fast.

I pulled out my stash of trims and came across the PERFECT color  single-fold bias tape to match. *praise*
I got this bias tape for 50% off at G Street fabrics probably a year ago, maybe longer. I attached it to the right side, folded over the raw edge and topstitched. I ended up having to get another pack from JoAnn's the next day because 4yds wasn't quite enough. I still have a lot left over from the second pack.

I like the way the kimono ended up sitting with the back longer than the front and the two from corners pointing in at the middle. It gives it a unique look.

I had a great time on my trip hanging with my friends who also acted as chauffeurs, chefs, photographers, and hosts to me. I probably have some of the nicest friends in the world :-) I love California and I have a great time each time I go! Now I will leave you with some beachy pics!
View from the Santa Monica Pier

Venice Beach Skate Park

What say you? Do you have any fun vacations coming up??

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