Thursday, April 30, 2015

Me-Made-May '15 !

Well May starts tomorrow and this year I want to participate in Me-Made-May'15 being hosted by Zoe over at 'So, Zo...What Do You Know?'. This year I finally have enough garments and UFO's to make some kind of substantial pledge.

Hopefully with this, I determine what I don't wear and why but I will also be forced to MAKE things that I plan to wear. Not just for fancy occasions as I tend to do lol

So Here's my pledge:

'I, Tasha of 'TheTellTaleTasha', sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear one me-made garments (or altered by me) each day for the duration of May 2015'.

I think that will keep me busy enough. I've also been on a pattern/fabric cutting spree trying to get some of my UFO's ready to sew. Right now I have out all my summer UFO's that use black thread since that's what I have in my machine and serger right now lol No need to complicate things right? lol. On the table is 2 cardigans, 4 Netties, a vest, and 2 skirts. 9 more pieces to add to MMMay :-)

I will be daily posting on Instagram and on Flikr and maybe on Pinterest and I will try to do weekly roundups posted every Monday. That'll kick my blog back into gear!

Wish me luck!


Friday, April 24, 2015

New Orleans 2015 !

In February I went to New Orleans with my friend Andre to see my favoritest band on the planet, Snarky Puppy. We got tickets to go to one of the live recording sessions of their new album and it JUST so happened to be the same weekend as Mardi Gras! How convenient, right? lol 

So we went up there the Tuesday before Mardi Gras and stayed til Saturday morning. It was quite a fulfilling trip and I had a great time with Andre too! We went to the Aquarium, rode on Algier's Ferry, went to Mardi Gras World and the Museum of Art's Scultpure Garden. The food was super good and I got to see a couple of parades as well. We saw a lot of live music and rode around on the streetcar... I don't have pics of EVERYTHING you'll get a good idea lol. Our hotel was a half a block from Bourbon St. so we did some exploring there too. Great experience!

Keep reading for the photo dump!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wrap Dress Sewalong - Butterick 6054

Well hello hello! The sun has finally decided to come back and play and here I am along with it! I miss making and sharing. And hopefully I can dedicate more time to both. I didn't even post my pics from NOLA yet lool That was in February.

**Before I start, I just wanted to say, i'll be in LA/Long Beach April 10-15th if anyone wants to hang out in the garment district or just meet-up for some food or something! email me

But anyway, the last time I talked about sewing, I mentioned that I went up to NY and got a tour of The McCall Company. Well, while I was there, Meg offered me a choice of some fabric! I picked this really pretty multicolored knit that they had from Jo-Ann fabrics. I picked it because it was the most pratical of the bunch and I could make something out of it that could get a lot of wear (shoutout to my 2015 goals). McCall's had recently announced the wrap dress sewalong and I noticed that the end date was right after Easter so it was like the stars were aligning lol

This wrap dress is Butterick 6054. I cut a straight size 12. I found it on the Wrap Dress Pinterest Board. When I was looking for one to make, I knew that I wanted an ACTUAL wrap dress, and I knew that I didn't want a skirt that flared to much. I loved that it didn't have separate sleeves too. I almost got V8379, but I didn't know how the skirt was going to fall. But after seeing the version that Meg made for her niece, I think I'm going to pick it up soon.

Speaking of fabric, this fabric from JoAnn's is SOOOOO soft! I mean soft, like "wearable pajamas" soft. It is described as a "watercolor pastel knit rayon spandex".  I was nervous when I started sewing with it because I thought it might stretch out a bunch because of it's softness but it didn't! And it pressed REALLY really well. That was another surprise. This pattern had so many dag on pleats in it I had marks and pins all over the place. But once I pressed them down, they weren't going anywhere. The fabric is opaque and the dress is unlined. I still wore a skirt slip under it to church though but I didn't have to. I just want to emphasize one more time how soft the fabric is... SOFT.