Monday, June 1, 2015

MMMay'15 Week 4 Round Up and Conclusions

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I made it! I have successfully completed my first Me-made-may! I pledged to wear one thing that I have made/refashioned every day in May and I have (with the exception of one very sick day) with no repeats! I'm very proud of myself and realized that I have more me-made clothes than I thought. And this is AFTER giving away a number of items.

I'll talk more about what I learned at the end. This is what I wore the past week:

Day 25
Floral Pants w/ ankle zippers (blogged)
Kwik Sew 3807
RTW top

Day 26
Easter Dress (blogged)
Butterick 6054

Day 27
Detachable Collar (blogged)
Vogue 8900

Day 28
Modified Peplum (blogged)
Two-piece-setacular skirt (blogged)
Vogue 8825

Day 29
Faux Wrap Dress (blogged)
McCalls 6884
RTW button up

Day 30
Refashioned Skirt (blogged)
RTW crop top

Day 31
Purple Tribute Dress (blogged)
McCalls 6752

It is clear why I don't wear a lot of my earlier makes. They all have SOMETHING that's off about them. Whether it's a zipper insertion, or too small somewhere, too short somewhere, or bust points not right, whatever. Most of my mid july 2014 makes and after I really like and have less problems with. There are a few pieces I plan to give away and I don't feel any regret about them.

I am glad to see that I have pieces that I don't plan on giving up in the foreseeable future too so that was very encouraging.

Holes: PANTS. Even though it's supposed to be spring/summer weather, I had the pieces for that but when it was raining or randomly cold, I didn't have anything that was comfortable for those conditions. So not only do I really need to start getting serious about making pants (and not just saying it) but I also need sweaters and jackets as well.

I'm pretty square away in the dress department but I can't stop won't stop making them lol I love dresses and not having to match stuff lol.

The month of May made me really step up my game in the style department because instead of just waking up and throwing on anything (like I usually do) I had to be intentional and I got a lot of compliments on my outfits. People have been telling me that I've been dressing much nicer and they would be correct. I used to think that my pieces weren't very versatile but I was wrong. If I just put the extra bit of effort into going into my massive closet I can definitely find stuff to go with them. And from now on, I will!

How did your pledge go?!

Talk to you later this week about Indie Pattern Month over at TMS! :-)

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