Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Peplum Party!


Hope this finds you well :-)

I'll just jump in.
I got the linen dress below from my mother.
It was another one of the gems she passed down from when she was my age.
I don't like the way it fits anymore.
AND it's a maxi dress but it's highwater lol (can that be possible?)
So, I decided to change it into a Peplum Shirt!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

California Dreamin'

Sorry for being so absent!

I went to California for about a week and when I got back I was all jet lagged and stuff and too tired to write lol

Here are a few pics of my trip!
And a little bit of truth at the end! :-D

Monday, August 5, 2013

Skinny Business

You ever buy two of the exact same pants in completely different sizes and not know it?

Yea me too! lol

I actually have not the SLIGHTEST idea of how I ended up with a size 6 and a size 10 of the same EXACT pants.

And it's funny because I remember hating to wear them (when I was bigger) because I remembered that they always rode up and were high-water (obviously the size 6)
But then there were times that that just didn't happen... ?
Like... what was I even thinking to have not noticed that for at least 2 years?!

Now I fit the size 6 and the size 10 fits the way I showed you in my earlier post about them.
Here's a quick reminder:

So I'm going to keep the size 6 pair as regular wide-legged trousers and tailor the size 10 in to skinny jeans pants.

Everything I needed.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My New Staple - Le Wash&Go

I. Love. Wash&Gos.
One of the things that initially excited me about going natural was the fact that I wasn't going to have to do much to my hair or that I wasn't going to have to spend a bunch of time on it.
Unfortunately, with all of the twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu-knot-outs, flexi rods, banding, stretching, flat-twisting and everything else, that initial excitement turned into a complete myth.

In my 2-year relaxer free post, I stated that the twist-out was my new staple style.
And it was.
.......... For like, one more week after that post lol

I had just, at the time, been deemed the "Twist-out Queen" by a friend of mine and then I completely abandoned it.
And I'm not sorry.

The time it took me to wash my hair, all the way to being done twisting was almost 3 hours... on a good day.
*cue Sweet Brown*
3 hours.
To be frank, I love my hair and all.. but there are way more important things in life lol
And God has given me the opportunity to be involved in alot of things recently and my schedule no longer lends itself to a SuperBowl-Sunday-long hair session.
Not only THAT, but then there's the retwisting every night to preserve the styles and the RE-take-down in the morning!
As much as I loved how my twist-outs came out, I knew there HAD to be something lazier easier.

I originally thought I didn't HAVE wash&go hair.
"What IS wash&go hair?" you may ask....IDK. lol
I just thought my hair wouldn't do it.
Or it would be too tangled
Or it would be a poofy mess.
Or I was just being silly.
Like "they" say...
"Don't knock it 'til you try it."

I did it.
I fell in love.
And I'm not looking back.

3 day old wash&go