Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Nettie of many Colors

"Bodysuit, I love thee. Let me count the ways...."

I am a sucker for a good bodysuit. Not just any bodysuit though. A bodysuit with a unique design element, one that's not too high cut and doesn't HAVE to be worn with something high-waist, and the most important thing: one with a snap crotch! My mom has passed down at least 7 or 8 bodysuits to me over the years but none of them has everything that I'm looking for. They're all 1 for 3 or 2 for 3. Never 3 for 3. Then Heather came along and put my heart's desire into one pattern: The Nettie Bodysuit.

I decided to make the low front with the mid-low back. I would have down the really low back but I didn't feel like struggling to make a shelf bra. Not this time anyway.

I had only 1 yard of this Betsey Johnson - Tribal knit fabric from The Smuggler's Daughter. I don't see it there anymore but there are some other Betsey Johnson patterns available. According to the fabric requirements in the pattern instructions, 1 yard is not enough to make this bodysuit... and it's really not lol. I had to piece together the back crotch area. Plus I messed up on cutting in some places so I didn't have enough for full sleeves and barely had enough for the binding. That is why there is a strip of white on the back binding. That's actually the the selvedge that I had to cut into.

I did not zig zag or use a double needle around the bindings because this fabric pressed really well. I did zig zag the sleeve hems. The fabric is actually really soft though and doesn't have great recovery. I needed it to be a bodysuit though so I got what I wanted lol. Hopefully it'll shrink a little when I wash it again.

I used some cotton scraps from makeup roll I made to do the crotch snaps. I bought the snap setter from JoAnn's and used the size 16 snaps that came in the package. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Actually this is a UFO from February just because I was scared to set in the snaps. smh.

I don't have much else to say about this pattern other than that I have two more fabrics washed and have already to cut out another one. I really do love it and will probably make some in every color. I love not having to keep tucking shirts and what not. I love bodysuits!

Tell me what you think! Any ideas on embellishing???

P.S. I wore this piece Day 23 of Me-Made-May this year!

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