Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Sewing Plans...maybe

I don't do this often because I hate saying I'm going to do something and then don't end up doing it lol. This is a list of all of the things I want to make before winter comes in full force, although I'm sure many of these pieces will trickle into that season.  I want to get these things done and then focus most of my winter on pants for work and holiday sewing!

I have to start being real with myself.... I'm not a practical sewer. I'm an "event" sewer. I like to make things to wear to specific occasions or to participate in challenges. I'd LIKE to start being practical though, so I threw in a few things that I need/want amongst the things I have to get done to wear to some things coming up. 

These aren't in the order I'm going to sew them. Just a compilation.
ETA: I have linked all of the finished projects!

1: Wool houndstooth skirt - I think this will be perfect for tights and boots. I only really bought this pattern for the cute waistband on the houndstooth version on the pattern envelope lol

 2: Chambray Joggers - I've been wanting to make these for a WHILE. I had this fabric out for a summer dress but I changed my mind because I know that I'd get PLENTY of wear all year round if I make joggers.

 3: Peacoat and Pants - I want to make the entire outfit on the pattern envelope. I know that McCall's is having a sewalong. I wanted to participate in the march of the peacoats but i'm more than sure I won't have it done by then. Hopefully I can have both pieces complete by Thanksgiving.

 4: Scuba Kielo Wrap - This will be the first thing to hit my machine because I plan to wear it this weekend. The fabric is sooo pretty. It's floral and bright. I've been sitting on this pattern all summer so I want to squeeze it out before the degrees start to drop too low.

5: Burda View C - I still need to go out and get some mesh. This is for an event near the beginning of next month. If I don't get this done, I do have a backup dress but I know the host is kind of expecting me to make something to wear so we'll see what I can do lol

6: Speckled Cardi - This is one of those practical pieces that my wardrobe would appreciate. I love that it looks a lot like a blazer.

7: DVF-inspired Wrap Dress - The Thred&Needles sewing group on Facebook is doing wrap dresses this month so there it is. I finally found this pattern in the store a couple of days ago. I'm still trying to decided between short sleeves and the 3/4 w/cuff.

8: Soma Swimsuit - I know this looks a BIT out of place lool Well i'm going on vacation the first week of November so I'm excited to try a swimsuit! Idk which view I'll do yet but I love this black and gold swim fabric I got from Fabric Mart.

9: Secret Dress Sewing - Well I don't really know if it's a secret lol but I'll be using this brown ITY plus the leopard print ITY. I'm interested to see how it will turn out because it's a pattern company I haven't sewn with before.

 10: Knit Sweater - This is another practical piece. The fabric it's sitting on is BROWN, not black. I might do a black one though and add leather contract to it. We'll see though

Not pictured: I already have the Vogue houndstooth dress in the first picture cut out. I'll also be adding pockets to the Ginger cutoffs I made this summer so I can wear them on vacation in November. Oh, and I'll be fixing the cutout of my Nettie bodysuit of the same blog post.

I know you guys are probably thinking that I'm pretty unoriginal with my fabric choices loool I didn't PLAN to have fabrics just like the pattern envelopes. That's just the luck of the draw.

I think these are definitely enough to keep me busy until December. One of these days I'll get to my stack of practical maybes.... maybe.

Have you guys already laid out your Fall plans?? Link them below or tell me about them!

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