Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Work it Out

This past week I decided that I would fix some of my work clothes so that I can stop wearing the same few pieces that fit over and over lol

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two Dress, No Sew

Sorry for the wait :-/
No excuses though. I'll just do better :-)
Below you see two dresses that were just way too short for me to where in public and be comfortable.
And I know I could tuck them in or up and where them as tops and stuff but I just didn't feel like it lol
So here goes the transformation :-D

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CPIK | Lenny Ballou

Hope to find everyone well!
You're probably wondering:
"What is CPIK?"
Well CPIK stands for
"Cool People I Know"
Along with this blogs theme of relaying important information, I have some friends that I feel like everyone should know about lol
And I'm a "Connector". I have this weird ability to bring a bunch of random people together and they just work.
I know a lot of talented and very creative people who's creativity could service my readers in one way or another so I wanted to do this series.
For my first CPIK, welcome Lenny Ballou!
Enjoy :-)
*disclaimer: This interview was done over iMessage (Future ones will be also).. and my friends are really silly*

Me: *ahem* Introduce yourself!
LB: *tightens up tie* IM LENNY AND I LIKE STUFF.
lol jk jk, I go by the name Lenny, full name Leonard Ross Ballou III, and no I don't plan on making my son's name the IV (Lord willing).