Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chambray Joggers got me looking like Hip Hop - Vogue 8909

Well if this wasn't a LOOOONNGGG time coming! I've been wanting a pair of joggers since the hipsters started hipping and people started accepting sweat pants as casual clothes lol I'm definitely all about comfort when I'm around the house and even when I'm on the go. I don't always have a fancy event to wear dresses to. Most of the time I'm just chilling with family or running errands or relaxing in the house, and those are things that I DON'T need to get extra dressed up for lol.

Let me welcome you to Vogue 8909. One of my FAVORITE makes to date. When I say I have been wearing these every night for the past 4 days, that's saying alot. I've never been a clothes repeater, but I really could wear these every day.

I made these to wear to the Hip Hop Showcase of the 10th Anniversary of my old college hip hop dance team. It made me miss dancing with my team SO much it's crazy. So crazy that a few of us alumni decided to do an impromptu performance of an old piece lool If you want to check out my rusty moves, you can find the video on my instagram. Anyway, I really felt like I went out there dressed to perform so why not?!

The fabric I chose was a chambray fabric that I got from Panama last year, if I remember correctly. I only had 2 yards of it and once I was done cutting all of the pieces I had measly scraps left. It was the perfect amount. This was the absolute perfect fabric to make these out of, for me. Chambray pretty much goes with ANYTHING. and all colors. It goes with hoodies, I could dress it up with heels and throw on a flowy top, or I could wear it like I did; a t-shirt and some sneakers. The chambray was super easy to work with. only thing is that it frays but not ridiculously so I didn't have any problems.

I cut a size medium in View B. The fit was EXACTLY what I was going for. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be more fitted or not but I wanted a loose look. I think the looseness is magnified by the fact that I did not cut the length for View B. I ended up cutting the length for View C (5 more inches) and adding the cuff for View B at the bottom of that. I got a perfect length standing up but sitting down they ride up a little so I will be adding 1 or so inches to my next pair.

The pattern envelope says to use a ribbon for the drawstring tie. I thought that'd be a bit weird to have a random colored ribbon on my chambray joggers lol So I pieced some scraps together and cut them the same width as the pattern piece for the belt loops from the Ginger Jeans pattern and 2 yards long. I serged one long edge and then folded the piece into thirds and pressed (as instructed in the Ginger jeans pattern). I also topstitched both sides as instructed by that pattern. I left the short edges raw and they aren't fraying so it's perfect.

I am really impressed by the look and feel of these. I like how sleek the yoke looks and how discreet the pockets are. I love the way the elastic looks at the waist and the hem lol They just look so RTW! lol I don't know why I'm so amazed hahaha. My beloved Vogue strikes again :-D The instructions were very straightforward and made this a quick sew.
I'm so glad I didn't impulsively buy the Hudson pants because these are everything I wanted and I had this pattern in my stash for over a year. I'm trying not to just spend my money because *shiny*.

I can't wait to make more of these. I wish I had fabric on hand for them right now but unfortunately I don't. I could definitely use a black and a blue... and a white. lol  

Are you down with this jogger trend?

I bought these shoes when I was on the team 4+ years ago :-)

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