Thursday, December 8, 2016

14. Dream the Impossible Dream - Vogue 9192 | #sew16in2016

A few months ago, I booked a cruise with 14 other folks and what was bound to be a fun and interesting vacation in the midst of the cold, unpredictable weather that the nation's capital is apt to bring. At the time of booking, I immediately knew that I wanted to make a new one-piece swimsuit to take on the trip. We were to be stopping in Grand Turks, Jamaica and the Bahamas so I was ready to jump at the chance for some beachy blog photos lol. I originally wanted to make a Sophie swimsuit but figured that wouldn't really be feasible seeing as though I lacked MOST of the materials for it. I remembered Vogue 9192 and decided that I would go for it. After going through my scraps and remnant bags, I realized I not only had enough fabric for ONE view of the pattern, but that I could make TWO separate views!

Everything was great until days started passing by so quickly. Then days turned into weeks... and weeks turned into months! Next think I knew, I had one week to make 2 swimsuits AND during the week of Thanksgiving! I had two free nights during the week so I resolved to make one swimsuit on each free night. Talk about dreaming the impossible dream! lol I figured this debacle would work for number 14 on the Sew '16 Challenge. 1 pattern, 2 swimsuits, 2 nights...Let's go!

The first suit I made was View B. I used scraps of fabric from my first handmade swimsuit. I got the fabrics from Fabric Mart. The lining was from JoAnn Fabrics. I recycled the same design concept from the first one and used the print for the front and solid back for the back.