Thursday, May 29, 2014

TMS April: "Sew Double" - McCall's 6839

Well aren't I just the "Tardy Tasha"?

This is my entry for the TMS APRIL "Sew Double" sewalong.
Yes, you read that right, April lol
It's not that I didn't have it sewn.. I just didn't want to hem it.
And I didn't have anywhere to where it lol
The way I interpreted "Sew Double" was that I was going to take a pattern that I've previously sewn but instead, sew a different view.
I thought the McCalls 6839 would be the best pattern to use because the front is the same on all of the views, it's just the backs that get fancy lol

Monday, May 26, 2014

Let Me See Your Heart - McCall's 6745

" 'Cause with my family we know where home is. So instead of sendin' flowers, we the roses."
This isn't the easiest post I've ever written.

I dedicate this dress to my uncle, Richard Thompson, Sr., who we lost on May 7, 2014.
I lost my sewing mojo for a while after that day but once I started getting it back, I knew that this dress would be for him.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Project Sewn "Floral Frenzy" - Kwik Sew 3807

Project Sewn's challenge theme for week two is "Floral Frenzy"
And it just so happened that I whipped up these pants in like, a night lol