Sunday, December 27, 2015

Exceeded Expectations - McCall's 7254

You ever have that one project where you plan it in your head for weeks (or months), then you measure out the fabric at some point to make sure you have enough, then more time goes by and you add it back to the front of the queue, then you cut the pattern and fabric all out, then more time goes by and you finally decide to pick up the UFO, then you realize that you didn't follow the cutting layout because you are missing multiple pieces, then you realize that you can't do anything about it because YOU DON'T HAVE ANYMORE OF THAT FABRIC?!

No? Me neither. lol sike, this was that project for me. And I was BLOWN. I just put the insufficient number of pieces back in the bag, shut off the light in my sewing room, and laid back in my bed.... I know, I'm dramatic lol.

This cardigan/jacket is McCall's 7254 and it may be my favorite thing I've sewn in all of 2015. I made View C and I cut out a Medium. 

This is one of the fabrics I got from The Smuggler's Daughter some time ago called "Splendid-Salt N Pepa Knit". It feels like a DREAM and it's sufficiently warm.  Because I didn't realize I was supposed to cut 2 of both the peplum and the collar, I ended up deciding I would use my faux stretch leather to compensate. I got it from H&M Fabrics in the Garment District in NY earlier this year. I was really scared to use it for this project in particular because I didn't know how I would wash it with the faux leather. I wasn't sure how delicate it would be and I would be more than upset that I wasted my good knit for a project that fell apart. I was able to see how the faux leather reacted to washing once my ginger jeans came out of the laundry. The leather patch I added on the waistband stayed completely in tact, so I'm not as scared anymore for this cardigan.

I did a 1 inch swayback adjustment on this version after I had already sewn it up but I will be adjusting the pattern pieces for the next time. I'll take a half inch on each the center back piece as well as the peplum piece. 

The only real adjustment I made to this pattern was to add 2 inches to the sleeve length. It made it a little longer than necessary but I more than appreciate the coverage of my wrists when I stretch my arms out full length.

I did not interface any of the pieces that called for it just because I didn't want to mess with the luxurious feel of the knit. It sits very well without it and I think the stability of the faux stretch leather acts as a kind of interfacing.

I've already worn this to work and to church and with casual clothes. Even though I've worn it multiple times and want to wear it like everyday, I find it a little hard to style. I have a lot of patterns in my closet and they don't go with it. It's more of an accessory for solid colored items. But we'll see what I come up with. I'm so surprised at how well this came out. Every time I wear it, I keep staring at it like "I can't believe I made this" LOL. When someone compliments me on it I'm like "It's SO NICE, RIGHT?!" hahaha I'm happy that I've exceeded my own expectations. It's kind of humbling lol

I've seen a bunch of these pop up online recently! Have you made one?! Did you love it?! Let me know! Talk to you all soon!

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