Wednesday, February 3, 2016

9.Let It Go | #sew16in2016

This year, instead of rushing to do a bunch of monthly challenges, I found a more easy-going challenge to keep me motivated and that I can work at my own pace. Emily over at Hungarian Housekeeping came up with the Sew '16 Challenge. You pick 16 out of 20 categories to focus your makes around for 2016. (To find the descriptions of each category, go to this blog post).

from Hungarian Housekeeping

I have already chosen the 16 categories I want to do and I'm going to start with Number 9: Let It Go. The description says: "Throw away or donate a garment that you made (not a wadder or a UFO)". After cleaning my closet for the New Year, like I normally do, I found some makes that I know I won't be wearing anymore for one reason or another. 
(blog post links in the captions)

 I'm donating the Vogue Rachel Comey mini skirt because it's TOO mini. That and the waist is too tight. I really love it thoooo! But I know the person I'm giving it too will really appreciate it :-)
Vogue 1247

I'm donating the top I made for NYE. The only thing that's wrong with it is that it's too tight in the bust area which throws off the top completely. Hopefully the person I'm giving it too won't find the glitter too annoying lol
McCall's 7051

I'm donating the top I made for Jungle January because the bust is tight and the armsyce is too high. It's constructed really well though, so I will be proud to give it to someone
Simplicity 1364

I'm throwing away this Jade skirt that I made. It has weird puckers all over that annoy me when I look in the mirror. It fits cute though but there are so many little things wrong that I can't take it. It has an iron  scorch on the back and the bottom of the exposed zip has puckers that are super ugly lol. Before I throw it way I'm going to rip the zipper out to reuse.
Paprika Jade skirt
I'm donating this top that I refashioned from a dress. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it but I've worn it a lot and I don't want to wear it anymore.
Dress to Top

I'm throwing away this Vogue dress away. I wasn't proud of the zip installation (at all, it was botchy), but that's not why it's going. Even though I used white matte jersey that I bought from Hancock's for the entire dress, I bought the fabric at different times. And I'm not sure why but the some of the fabric got discolored.
Vogue 1285

The fabric on the front is a weird off-white color now after washing while the back is still SUPER WHITE. Not sure how that happened but my intention was never for a two-toned dress lol so it has to go.

I'm donating my Ginger cut-offs because they bag easy and are too big.
Ginger v.2 cut-offs

I did end up adding pockets to them and wore them in Panama but I'm still donating them.

 I'm also donating my first pair of Gingers that I made for Jungle January last year because they're too big in the waist. Not enough curve so they fall down.
Ginger Jeans v.1

It's evident that majority of the things that I have to give up are because of fit issues. Fit is something that I will be working more on this year because I plan to make more woven garments. Hopefully I will be able to share a few shareable muslins in the process. Having made so many things at the end of last year that fit well and that I wear often, I'm no longer satisfied with making things that don't.

Hopefully you'll be around here with me to see the growth! Let me know if you're going to join Emily's challenge. I'm excited to see what other categories other people choose! Make sure you use the official hashtag #sew16in2016 !


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