Thursday, February 18, 2016

Say 'Hello!' to my new friend Elly! - Elna Supermatic

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading BareThread's blog about being a Sewing Machine hoarder. I was so fascinated at the way she was explaining she came into a few of her machines. I see on the blogs quite a bit how people find vintage machines in thrift stores and estate sales and I'm always so.... confused (?) because I have never not once seen a sewing machine in thrift stores around my way. And I usually search through estate sales and have never found anything sewing related. She reassured me by saying that the path to discovery isn't usually disclosed and these things happen over time.... a long time lol and lots of rummaging.

So the day I read her blog, I decided to hit Craigslist to see what was really what. Lo and behold! I come across an ad selling an Elna Supermatic with accessories and original instruction manual included! *Wahhhhhh*!

I wish I could find the post that I saw maybe a month or two ago by another blogger showing off her vintage Elna. I didn't even know that "Elna" existed before her post. My eyes lit up at her case-to-table transformation! I thought it was SO COOL. I can't believe that I have one now!

Meet Elly!

There were about 14 cams included. All the feet that originally come with it were there. Also different plates for darning and things. The only accessories missing are the Large and Small screwdriver. (I saw those listed inside the instruction manual)

There is also a knee lift! I'm am very excited to work with this function!

The instruction manual is in REALLY good shape. No ripped pages and everything is clear and readable. I've skimmed through it already and I don't think I will have any trouble getting started or maintaining the machine. It even has instructions on how to do embroidery! I'm so excited!

Annnnndddd that cool transformation I was talking about! Janet Pray is always talking about ergonomic sewing in her classes on Craftsy. All of my sewing machines sit on TOP of a table so I am interested to feel the difference now that the garments can lay on a flat surface while I sew.

I had to make room on my bookshelf to store the machine. I sat it right next to my vintage Singer and moved my tailor point presser a couple of shelves down lol. I haven't tested it out for real yet, but when I do, I'll be back to talk about it!

This makes 5 machines for me. 3 sewing, 1 serger, 1 coverstitch. Does that make me a hoarder?? Do you collect sewing machines? Is your preference to go vintage or to buy newer? Talk to me! Any tips for me working with this vintage beauty?!

xoxo, Tasha

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