Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Sew '16 Challenge - My Master List

I decided since most of my year will focus around the topics from the The Sew '16 challenge I talked about in my last post, that I should make a post that I can reference and update with completed links and what not to make it easier for me and you to see the progress I've made.

So as I said before, the challenge was made by Emily of Hungarian Housekeeping. You choose 16 out of the 20 categories to complete in 2016. The categories are:

The categories I have chosen are: (*Titles will be hyperlinked with blog posts when category is completed)
1. Newbie - Sew a type of garment you never have before
4. Four Seasons - Make a garment that can be worn in all seasons
5. Quick Sew -  Sew something that takes less than an hour
6. Slow Sew - Sew something that takes more than a month. (Bonus points if your quick sew and slow sew go together.)
7. Share the Love - Sew for someone you never have before
8. Stash Stretcher - Sew something entirely from stash materials: pattern, notions, and all.
9. Let It Go - Throw away or donate a garment you made (not a wadder or UFO)
10. Aliens Out -  Get rid of your UFO's. All of Them. Finish them, toss them, pass them on. (Challenge option: hold on to your UFO-free status until the end of the year.)
11. Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun - What do you wear most often? What's your go-to outfit? Duplicate it. Or triplicate it. Or make as many as you can wear in a year.
12. Same Same, But Different - Sew the same thing from different fabrics.
13. One and Only - Sew a one-piece garment (Easy option: sew a garment that has one pattern piece. Even easier option: okay, go ahead and don't count those facings, ties, etc)
14. Dream the Impossible Dream - Set a wildly ambitious goal for yourself.
15. Nostalgia -  Look back through your old sewing notes, doodles or pinned ideas. Pick one of the earliest ideas and make it happen.
16. Inspired - Sew something inspired by a book, film, series, etc.
18. Piles of Styles -  Take one handmade garment and style it as many ways as you can.
19. Sew Less Frosting - Stop sewing pretty, photogenic things that you will rarely wear. Stop sewing impractical things.

So have you checked out the challenge yet?? Do you see any categories that peak your interest? The descriptions of the other categories that I did NOT choose are on Emily's blog. Don't forget to use the hashtag so I can see your stuff! #sew16in2016

Sidenote: I know it feels like I'm sponsoring, but I'm not. lol I just think this is a really great idea and will help me with sewing and blogging :-)

Also I want to add, that I'm not completely giving up challenges from groups I have previously joined. I'm just not going to be rushing. And if I don't get to them, I'm not going to fret over it.

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