Tuesday, February 23, 2016

13. One and Only - Named Nuna Hood Scarf | #sew16in2016

Sad to report, it's still freezing over here on the East coast. It got REALLY bad last week. I'm feeling like "Why am I living in a place where the air hurts my face?!"

So my latest make has been really helping out. I've been alternating between my last scarf and this Nuna Hood Scarf by Named Patterns.

This is a very easy pattern with only one pattern piece. Cut the same pattern piece 4 times and sew 2 pieces together twice and then sew those 2 big pieces together and there you have it!

For the fabric, I used this Pebbled Coating that I got from Fabric Mart. I actually got this fabric as a "Buy the piece" deal. I was fortunate to get a 1.5 yd piece AND 2yd piece. I bought it early last year with the intention of making some kind of coat but after a while I changed my mind and decided I wanted to use some of it for this particular pattern. The fabric is thick and is great protection from the wind. I believe the pattern is made for lighter weight fabrics but this fabric was JUST light enough in weight to not be too stiff.

I appreciate the amount of room that the hood has to accommodate, usually big, natural hair. I can't wear hats in the winter when I wear my hair out so I have been LOVING this pattern for the past week and a half.

I love that I can also still wear it as a regular scarf and no one would be the wiser.

The only problem I have with this pattern is that the cutting layout is incorrect. It advises to cut out the pattern piece 4 times identically but if your fabric has a right and wrong side, you will end up having different color right and left sides to the scarf. Ask me how I know.

I'm REALLY glad I had more fabric to recut at least one piece so that the outside of my scarf is the right color but the inside has one darker side and one lighter side. So keep that in mind.

Some of these pics show me trying to be cute wearing it but this is what I have been looking like on a normal walk to work in this weather :

If I could cover my eyes I would but this scarf does a good job with what it gives me lol

I'm using this pattern as the "One and Only" category for the Sew '16 challenge since it was only one pattern piece.

Also, I happen to have a best friend named Nuna. And when I came across this pattern, I thought it was such a coincidence that such a unique name and pattern was her namesake. She's quite a unique and eclectic person herself. I decided it was fate and made one as a birthday gift for her.

This past weekend we did have a 68 degree day so maybe things will be looking a smidge warmer in the near future. We will see. Until then, stay warm and take care of yourselves!

xoxo, Tasha

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