Monday, February 29, 2016

4. Four Seasons - Light Overcoat | #sew16in2016

When I first started my blog in 2013, one of the main focuses of it was to take clothes that I had that no longer fit me (due to weight loss) and upcycle them in ways that would benefit my wardrobe. This was before I actually knew what a pattern was or even how to buy fabric. Once I got a taste of the ability to make things from scratch, I basically fell off of the upcycle train. I think that last thing that I transformed or updated was December of 2013. I've been on a roll since then.

At the beginning of January, I really went through my bags and boxes of old clothes that I had plans for and did a REAL purge to decide what things I am really going to do something with and what things just needed to go into the donation pile. I am making a dedicated effort this year to at least FINISH what I started with the pieces that I had plans for at the inception of the blog with while I continue to make new and shiny things.

With that said, I revisited a transformation that I had actually STARTED in 2013 but left as a UFO for 2.5 years lol smh. Back in this post I introduced you to this dress that I had had since sophomore or junior year of high school (circa 2005).
It had turned very matrix-esque and it definitely was not my style anymore.  Back in '13 I had removed the lining with my seam ripper and just had it sitting like that for this long. ALL I HAD TO DO was separate that top part near the neck that joined together. Yes, it took me almost 3 YEARS to rip a 1 inch seam! *blank stare* I feel you judging.

The result is so simple but so.... PERFECT!

It turned into the light overcoat that I thought it would! It is also very drapey/flowy. It has a nice feel and definitely ups the class on everything I've worn it with so far. I've worn it 3 times already and it's only been a couple of weeks.

 The only other thing I did aside from removing the lining and ripping that front seam was to remove the shoulder pads. They.Were.Huge. (you can see them in the middle pic of the original dress through the fabric)  I almost left them in but I had to see how it would look without them. I figured I would just put them back in if it didn't look right but I didn't need to.

The back still has the zipper that was necessary to get in and out of the original dress. I didn't see a need to mess with it at all. It adds to a cute design element to an otherwise "plain" soon-to-be workhorse.

I can see myself wearing this OUT this upcoming spring. And even on cool summer nights. Same for fall actually....I'm very excited about the possibilities! I'm counting this project for the Sew '16 challenge since it can be worn in all 4 seasons!

The things I've been completing recently are small but they have been so LARGE in the storage of my mind. You can't even imagine (well some of you probably can lol) how much clearer I can think while I keep getting rid of the small nagging projects in my sewing room. By the time I get to a big project, i'll be rolling full steam ahead!

xoxo, Tasha

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