Thursday, February 25, 2016

I don't normally do this butttt... McCall's Spring Patterns!

I don't sice pattern releases. I normally just take a look, quietly take my notes (add the ones I like to my neverending "buy" list) and move on. Idk what it is about THIS release in particular of the New Spring Patterns but McCall's put in some good work. I'm not intrigued by too many of them but the ones I like, I REALLY like. A lot. So here are my picks:

M7367: This photo is so beautiful and inspiring to me! I love the drape of the skirt and I rave enough about wrap-style tops. I have about 3 different combinations to make in my mind!

M7366: I know that I have been a big antagonist to jumpsuits but this bodice is bomb! lol Even just having the bodice to mix and match with different skirts is worth buying this pattern to me even if I never make a jumpsuit. The back is also unique so that lends to the mix factor

M7358: Another wrap style top. I think it's absolutely cute and classy with so many opportunities for variety. I have already thought of some in-seam tie hacks. I like the topstitched yoke as well. I'm interested to see what it would look like in a more drapey fabric and not just cotton.

M7363: And this is my FAVORITE of the whole release! I don't by any means make a lot of skirts. I think I have probably made 5 skirts total in the 2.5 years I have been sewing. But babbbyyyyyyyyy! This skirt is FIRE! I'm in love! I think it's the drape that's getting me. I can't quite put my finger on it. I'll probably make 3 of the 4 variations of the pattern.


THIS view is what sold me! That side shot is BEAUTIFUL! I need that in my life!
 That's it. Those are my picks. Did you check out the release? Which ones have you??

 xoxo, Tasha

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