Monday, January 25, 2016

My Sewing Space!!!

Most people are aware that the East Coast of the US is recovering from Blizzard Jonas from this weekend so that left a LOT of free time for me (and my mom) while I was snowed ALLL the way in with no options to leave. What did we decide to do, you ask?? What we were supposed to do in December 2014! lol Clean out the space I started using as my sewing room. It was my mom's office, then, over years, it got piled up with a bunch of things that did not need to be in there, unfortunately. So I've been sewing in the room for a little more than a year with VERY limited space to walk around and do what I needed to do.

We did a DEEP cleaning of the room. Went through every pile and every bag of stuff and we made sure that EVERYTHING had a place. People can finally hang in the room with me while I sew lol It was one of my early visions for the space and now it's possible.

This is my main sewing table. It houses a sewing machine and my serger. You can see my shears and cutting things on two magnetic bars that I added on the side of my Ikea shelf that I built. My embroidery scissors are missing from the bar because I was using them in another room for a moment. There's also a bright halogen light for evenings. My christmas gift to myself is to the left. An 80-count thread holder! It's still in the plastic wrap through. I didn't want to open it until the mess was under control. lol Now I don't want to open it until I actually need one of the threads from it.

This desk is directly across from my main one. It has my mom's laptop and printer and once I take the Coverstitch machine out of the box, that's where it will sit. You can see my cutting mat wrapped up next to the desk.

This is the setup of my shelf.  I have my iron and hams on top as well of all of my sewing machine bags. On the second shelf are 2 boxes of notions. One has closures (zips& buttons) and the other has embelleshing things (ribbon, bias tapes, gems, studs, rivets, elastics, etc.).
The next shelf has folders full of printed paper patterns, sewing books/magazines. Some other little knick knacks and some patterns that I want to make soon. One of the boxes had all things needle related and the other box is full of thread; Serger and regular polyester. 
The third level has my sewing container that has thread, extra needles, marking pens, different machine feet, pins, and other stuff like that. My Singer machine is covered up next to it. I switch between the Singer and the Brother every now and then. I also have a pink box there with things that you wouldn't think to use for sewing. Like sand paper, an awl, stuff like that.
In the yellow basket in the shelf below that, are bags of UFO's. My ironing mat that fits the craft table is folded next to that.
On the two bottom shelves are bins full of patterns. Vogue and McCall's each have their own, Simplicity and Burda share one, and NewLook and other Indies share the last.
My home craft table is the one they sell at JoAnn's/Hancock's. While it's collapsed it will sit in front of the closet.

INSIDE the closet is where all of my fabric is housed! I also keep my copy shop printed patterns and all of my interfacings/stabilizers. I have two boxes full of linings, battings, muslin, and other miscellaneous things that I may not use all the time. I have them both labeled. I have 4 different bags of remnants; Two on the top right shelf, the green bag and a bag BEHIND the green bag. smh. That's why one of my goals is to get rid of them this year. It's gotten pretty out of hand lol. That small white plastic bag at the top left of the white shelf is a couple of scraps. I purged the rest of them sometime last week. You can see a number of my thicker heavyweight fabrics on the top left of the closet.

My white shelf (bought at IKEA) has the majority of my main fabrics.  From the bottom up, Cube 1 is bottom weights, Cube 2 is all kinds of wovens, Cube 3 is all kinds of knit, and the top Cube is mostly knits with a small number of wovens. The small pile of fabrics sitting atop the shelf are fabrics that my cousin brought us from Kuwait and other countries in the Middle East. I also have some fabric that a lady gifted me from Thailand.

 Well, that's pretty much it. Nothing too fancy but I have a MUCH clearer head and I feel like I can start letting my creative juices flow freely :-). Let me know if you have ANY questions! Wasn't sure what people wanted to know so I just explained the pics. Hope you enjoyed this!

Talk to you soon!


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