Tuesday, February 16, 2016

5. Quick Sew - Selvage trim Scarf | #sew16in2016

I finally managed to sit down at my machines for the first time ini 2016. I got rid of all of my small alterations projects and felt comfortable enough to start some new things. The first thing I'm going to share was a quick project to get my sewing juices flowing.

I've been holding on to the scraps from my cape project back in Nov2014. It has a black selvage trim. The scraps I've been holding onto on have one side of the selvage left. I had 1 big rectangle of the fabric with the trim on one long edge.
What I decided to do was square up the edges, fold the fabric right sides together "hot dog style", sew the two short edge openings shut, flip it right side out, then fold the long raw edge under and topstitch it down. What I'm left with is a long rectangle that looks like the trim is sandwiched in the fabric

This scarf took me about 25 minutes to make total. This falls right in line with the "Sew '16 Challenge" under 'Quick Sew'. It is SO warm and it has replaced the scarf I have been using nonstop since Christmas lol.

I have a few other things made up already. February proves to be exceedingly more productive than it's preceeding friend.

See you in the next post!

xoxo, Tasha *hair flip*

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