Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Pink Linen Dream | McCall's 7922

Hello friends! I'm back with another dress I made this summer. I'm hoping to get all of these summer dresses out on the blog before the weather here in the DMV gets cold on a consistent basis. Right now, the weather is a massive see-saw between the high 80s and low 60s. I'm still grateful for the highs, by the way. lol I'm not a fan of cold weather at all.

Anyway, back to the dress. This simple, but pretty thing is McCalls 7922... again lol This time I made View C with the length of View D.

This fabric is pink linen that I bought in 2014 from Fashion Fabrics Club. This linen feels great on the skin and it sewed up with no problems. 

As you can tell by looking at the sleeves and the hem, the fabric keeps its shape well. It's not too lightweight but definitely keeps the body cool, as linen does.

I left off the front strip down the skirt, the same as last time. It really seems unnecessary and leaves the front clean and streamlined.

This dress was made in a few hours. I love the fact that this pattern is so easy to make but has such an impactful look to it.

This is the type of dress that I can wear over and over again and it feel like a new dress by switching up the accessories. It's a great blank canvas.

Let me know what you think! I still have at least one more iteration of this dress in the queue :-)

I'll be back soon!

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