Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Fabric I couldn't live without | McCall's 7922

Hello, Friends! The past couple of months, I have been in a phase in my sewing where I'm not really sewing for any particular event. I've just been sewing what I feel like at the moment, and mostly those decisions have been lead solely by my desire to sew up a particular fabric.... just because I like it so much.

So I've made this dress I'm sharing today. This is McCall's 7922. I cut the size 14 and started making View B.

This dress comes together pretty quickly, and it also helped that I was following Brittany J Jones' YT tutorial. That woman is the queen of knot dress tutorials lol I actually never looked at the instructions when I was making this dress. But because she was making a different View of the dress, and I think I know everything, I actually ended up making a substantial mistake... I'll get to that in a second.

This fabric is from LA Finch Fabrics. It is the Famous Maker Carousel Dreams Rayon Woven. I cannot find it on the site right now but I do see it pop back up every now and again when they show deals on their Instagram stories.

This fabric is AMAZING. It's funny because I am on a fabric buying fast, but I KEPT seeing this come up in their IG stories and I was so fascinated by it. I promise, I showed ALOT of restraint, but after about the 4th time seeing it, I decided that it had to be mine. I ended up getting and end of bolt deal. I snagged 3.5 yards of it, so I still have enough to make a top.

The Rayon is super light and floaty so I made sure to take care of it, especially on the inside of the garment. This is the first time I've ever finished a dress by pinking all of the seams. Not only do I think this was the best way to handle it, it actually looks really pretty. Also, I interfaced the zipper area well, and I love that the invisible zipper is really invisible.

As I was in the zone making this dress, I attached the facing to the bodice and at some point realized that I still had my straps laying to the side. SMH. I had NO desire to start ripping the seams of this fabric (remember I said it was so light). I was looking at it on the dress form and thought to myself "It looks kinda cute strapless". I tried it on and decided it DID, in fact, look great that way and it became a design modification lol. I did have to reshape the bodice slightly so that there wasn't a lot of gaping at the top, and I have to say, I think it turned out alright.

The other modifications that I made were my normal ones. I did a 1" swayback adjustment and I added 2 inches to the length of it. Oh shoot, those WEREN'T my only modifications! lol When I added 2 inches to the skirt pieces, I forgot to add the same length to that strip of fabric that lies down the front of the dress (you can see it on the pattern). After asking around to see if I really needed that pattern piece, I found out that it was just a design feature and I decided to leave that off. So I do not have that piece or a slit on the front of this dress.

Personally, I'm in LOVE! I think this can be worn to many different occasions, and if you've been following me for a while, you know that I LOVE versatility in my clothing.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Have you ordered from LA Finch Fabrics? Have you made this pattern? How do you like it??

See you soon!

Shoutout to CCP Photos for these amazing pictures!

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