Friday, January 22, 2016

2015 Recap and a new outlook

So, I wasn't planning on doing this. But as I was going through old posts I decided that I had a REALLY good sewing year in 2015 and it'd be a shame to not take a second to appreciate the work and growth that I experienced. 
This year I turned a quarter of a century, became a godmother, traveled a little internationally (Toronto, Panama), hosted another meetup and spent a lot of time just being happy.

This year I made 25 different pieces and I'm keeping 18 of them. I think that 72% is pretty good! My track record got pretty impeccable at the end of the year with the things I made off of my Fall Sewing Plans list. I sewed 8 out of 11 of the plans and I'm happy with and keeping all of them. :-) 

I did a couple of collaborations this year. I was so honored to be asked to work with other bloggers.
Shirtdress w/Michelle  ||  Itch to Stitch Birthday

I participated in Me-Made-May for the first time and was successful with my pledge!

I did some event sewing. My all-white bday party, a wedding, a Hip Hop dance showcase, a Natural Hair Show and a NYE party.
Bday Party // Chambray Joggers // Kielo Wrap // Wedding Guest // NYE

I did some travel sewing as well. My first swimsuit and a Kimono I made for Cali.
Panama Swimsuit // Cali Kimono

My most worn make of 2015 has to be my Black Gingers. Even though I made them in the last few months of the year, I wear them once or twice a week. I Love Them.
Black Gingers

My most viewed item on the blog last year is my Vogue 1247 skirt. I couldn't even tell you where all the views came from but they were out of the roof.
The most sewn Vogue skirt ever

My favorite make from last year is the skirt I made to turn 25. It was just as dramatic as the occasion and every time I wear it, I feel so ..... upscale? classy? dressed up? Idk but it makes me feel lol
300 months old skirt

The misses I had are misses either because they don't fit "right" when I wear it or it's just too small. The Nettie bodysuit just didn't have any recovery so it's all bagged out unfortunately. I think I'm the most sad about losing that fabric.
Floral Vogue // Jungle Gingers // Colorful Nettie // Ginger cutoffs // Jade skirt // Spotted Simplicity // NYE

I'm going to go through my goals that I had set for 2015 and then I will make some new goals for 2015.

2015 Goals:
  • I'm going to continue to narrow down my focus to things I will actually wear. 
    • I did a great job of this when I made my Fall Sewing Plans and I have worn most of those things multiple times already. Check!
  • It is clear that I need to make more pants because I'm always grabbing for some. 
    • I made jeans this year, but those are the only pants I made unfortunately. 3 times though, so that counts for something right?
  • I'd also like to make more easy dresses like my Leopard color block dress that I wasn't too fond of when I made it but I keep pulling it out to throw it on in a rush
    • Did not do. I made very unique and standout dresses.
  • I'm excited to learn how to use my vintage Singer
    • Check! Used it to make jeans and gave my Brother a break and sewed on it for a little while as my main machine
  • Finish setting up my sewing space and share it with the blog
    • Fail :-/ 
  • I want to do more upcycling which was the original goal of my blog
    • Fail lol
  • I will continue to join sew-alongs that go along with my wearable clothes focus
    • Definitely did and it helped me sew things I love.
  • More travel! Domestic AND International
    • Did. Went to Cali twice, NOLA, Orlando, Toronto, New York a few times, Atlanta, and Panama.
  • Never-ending journey to transforming into who God wants me to be
    • Check
  • More meetups
    • Not as many as I would like but did do 1
  • Learn more about photography
  • Make a "My Closet" tab for the blog so that people can easily track my makes
    • Fail
  • Start working out again so that I can maintain my measurements and fit into the clothes I make lol
    • I did do this and then I stopped working out in July. I have been able to maintain by not overeating and staying generally active.

I think I did a pretty good job achieving last year. Hopefully this year can be just as successful.
2016 Goals:
  • Put reviews of all my makes on PatternReview and become active in the community
  • Grow in Christ. Hopefully I will be sharing more on here like I did in my first year of blogging.
  • Make Closet Gallery for Blog
  • Learn how to use my CoverStitch machine
  • Stop forcing sewing deadlines on myself. Code for less monthly group sewing and more taking my time and not rushing to get things done... or feeling guilty when I don't get things done. Not this year.
  • Do refashions. At least the ones I already had planned and then move on.
  • Sew more for others. And not in a "client" way but more in a gift-giving or a giving-to-someone-in-need way
  • Remnant De-Stash: Sew through 3 bags of remnants before the year is over. 
  • Make Outerwear
  • Make Pants for work. I've given a lot away and I'm running low on options
  • Sew Chiffons and Silks
I think that is enough to try to focus on for one year lol Thank you to everyone that has been encouraging me thus far and I hope to continue seeing you this year :-)


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