Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Time Knows Better - McCall's 7194

I want to travel back in time to when there were Christmas trees outside, songs of cheer, people giving, and it was 68 degrees outside lol. I want to go back and talk about the last item I made before my NYE top. Right after I had finished my blazer/cardigan thing, I started on this another faux accented make and finished a day later!

I think my most loved makes have been a testament to why I shouldn't rush my sewing or jump on every thought that comes to my head. I bought a couple yards of a brown sweater knit fabric from JoAnn Fabrics in my FIRST year of sewing when I didn't know where to look for patterns and that patterns went on sale for $1 and change and I was buying them off of Etsy lol. I had found a pattern on Etsy that I liked and had planned to make View C from this brown sweater knit. It felt like my style and I thought I'd probably wear it often. That was 2013.

Time kept passing and I kept accumulating more patterns and fabric, but every time I came across the brown sweater knit fabric in my stash, I reminded myself that it was reserved for the Butterick pattern so I left it alone. Each time I would do long-term planning, I would pull the pair out but I never made it up.

It wasn't until this past Fall that I really took a look at the patterns I had bought and what I would probably wear, that I decided to give the brown sweater knit another fate. In my Fall Sewing Plans post, I paired it with McCall's 7194 and at this moment, it has been one of my best sewing decisions.

I cut a size Medium in the pattern.  I did a 1" swayback adjustment (as usual) by adding a CB seam. The brown sweater knit is VERY warm and soft. It is so comfortable to wear. The stretch is more than sufficient but not baggy. I had forgot to add SA to the CB seam that I created and I still had room to keep the SA on my side seams at  5/8". (Probably should've taken a pic with my arms DOWN *slaps forehead*)

I forgot to add length to the sleeves so I just left them unhemmed. They are pretty much exact.

I used the same faux leather I used for the cardigan I mentioned above for the contrast band. If I would have read the instructions first and knew that I had to fold the band in half before attaching, I would have just cut it in half. The doubled faux leather is kind of pointless bulk. Not that it is a problem, but it's just unnecessary.

I installed the sleeves flat like I usually do on knits. I basically sewed this up on my serger. It was a VERY easy sew and I will make it again if I can find some more sweater knit in my stash somewhere.

I am absolutely in love with this top. I honestly wear it every other week. That's a lot for me. I've worn it to work, church, and to go out. The trifecta lol. I get so many compliments when I wear it. 

This has been the "To-sew" top of Fall 2015! Did you make one?? Link it below so I can see!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Tasha

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