Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Modest Maxi

I made something!!
Remember this dress from my previous post?
Well I made it into a maxi skirt!
I'll show you!

But before I do, let me introduce you to
my seamstress inspiration, sewing coach and mentor,
Jennifer Darlington of JDarlingCreations!
I'll have a whole post dedicated to her in the future

Jennifer was with there to provide me guidance on my first project, as well as give me ideas and help for future ones.
Okay, so back to this dress.
Jennifer helped me measure how long I wanted the dress to fit on me.
I wanted it to touch the floor and sit on my waist, above my belly button.

Cutting the tank top part of the dress off

I pinned both sides of the skirt in place so that I could make a straight fold without the skirt moving around and being uneven.

After folding, I used fabric glue to hold the folds in place before ironing them down.
After ironing down the folds, I cut off the excess fabric, leaving enough room for seam allowance and for the elastic band to fit inside of it.

Sewing the seam for the waist band

The new waist seam for the skirt

Jennifer helped me measure where I wanted the elastic band to sit on my waist and I cut as much as I needed.
I put a safety pin on one side of the elastic band and "threaded" it through the seam I made for my waist.
Then I hand stitched the two sides of the elastic together.

But wait...
The slits on both sides of the skirt were a little too short for me.
I didn't need them to come up to my hips, but I definitely wanted them higher than mid-calf. 

 So Jennifer advised me to put a pin on both sides of the skirt at the point where I wanted my splits to stop.
Then I placed fabric glue on the side seams and ironed them down up to where I placed my pins.

I sewed down the side seams up to my pin

Then I ripped the seams of the original split up to where I wanted my new split to stop

And there we have it people!! 
 I plan on taking some better pictures of my skirt tomorrow because
Guess whatttttt.....

I got a camera for my birthday!! A real one!
So I will have pictures of my skirt in better detail as well as pics of the crop top I made to go with it ;-)

How do you like it?!

If anything was confusing or needs better explaining, please just let me know in the comments section!
I'll get better with the terminology and documentation of the process as I go along :-)

See you in the next post!
Share and stuff! *frolicks*

xoxo, Tasha


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