Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tasha! How was your birthday?!

My birthday was GREAT!

This is the first year, in 5 years, that I didn't have a huge cookout/party.
A lot of people were disappointed but I felt like it was time to move on lol
THAT and those parties cost a LOT of money...

All of the texts and phone calls and social media shoutouts really made me feel loved :-D

This is what I did!

On my actual birthday, I went to work as usual.
After work, I went to bible study,
and after bible study, my family and I had cake and ice cream at my grandmother's house.

On Thursday, I went to lunch at Hooters with my birthday twin, Camesha!

Our dimples complete each other. She only has a right and I only have a left lol
My birthday shoutout to her on instagram :-)

On Friday, I went and got a fancy lunch with one of my co-workers at Busboys and Poets in DC

Blackened Salmon with a lemon butter sauce served with wild rice and asparagus

After work, I went to Happy Hour in my hometown with some of my cousins and some of my good friends :-)

I don't have any pictures of any of the rest of my "festivities" because I was pretty much living in the moment... all of the moments lol
I'm going to try to be better :-D

That night, I went hand-dancing at Silky Smooth Dance Cafe at their weekly Friday Night Delight.
Most people don't know what hand dancing is so you can click here (and just watch the first 20 seconds) for a good example.
It's a lot like Chicago Stepping..
ya know.. like R. Kelly "Step in the Name of Love" type dancing. :-)
I know. I'm old lol

On Saturday, some of my cousins and friends went to the Black Hair Kitchen Expo in DC.
It was hosted by vloggers Joulezy, theKGlifestyle, Lover4Fashion, and the infamous MahoganyCurls.

There was a plethora of vendor tables including companies Taliah Waajid, Curls unleashed, Karen's Body Beautiful, Shea Moisture and more.
Each vlogger also hosted a meet & greet!

I ended up meeting Shondell of Shea Moisture (Instagram & Twitter)
and I'll just say that the employees of Shea Moisture were some of the nicest, down-to-earth people I met at the entire event!
Thanks again, Shondell for my Curl&Style Milk!!

*ETA 7/15/13*
After the Expo, my friends, cousins, and I went to meet my friend Sarah at an Ethiopian restaurant to eat something
Sarah on the left.. Christina on the right :-) #trio

Saturday night, my friend Andrew had already planned to go Laser-tagging for his birthday (which is not until the end of the month, btw lol) so I joined him and just invited my friends and cousins lol

I won 1st place on my team the 1st and 3rd times that we played!
4th overall the first time, and 2nd overall the last time!
*does dougie*
I wore all black too... Looking like Tomb Raider lol

So all-in-all, I really enjoyed my birthday weekend 

And a special thanks goes out to everyone who made sure that they were a part of it :-*

To end this post, I'm going to post the pics of the shoutouts that people gave me on Instagram and Facebook.. Love you guys!!!

See you in the next post!
:-) <3

xoxo, Tasha


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