Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mrs. Carter [Reconstructed]

 This weekend I went to the Mrs. Carter World Tour Show in Atlantic City, NJ!
I was really excited and one of my first thoughts was:
"What am I going to wear?!"
I googled "What to wear to a beyonce concert" and I didn't really see anything I liked.
plus I REALLY didn't feel like spending any money.
As I was going through the google image search of outfits I came across this hi-low skirt and crop top and I thought:
That's it!
After rummaging through my closet and realizing that I don't HAVE a hi-low skirt, or a real crop top to accompany it, I went into TellTaleTasha mode.
"What do I have in my closet to form this outfit?"

Well I had this top that my mom gave me.
It was actually a spandex top AND bottom outfit to work out in.
But honestly I never planned on wearing that top to the gym because I like to wear big t-shirts when I work out.... so yea lol
It had this aztec-y design to it and I decided that was going to be my top.
Then I remembered, I had this red hi-low dress that I wore to a wedding last year.
It has really tiny pleats and the material feels AMAZING.
And it's really stretchy too.
Dress from Nastygal.com
 SO stretcy, in fact, I decided I would fold down the top of the dress into the bottom and just put my legs through the neck hole to make a  hi-low skirt :-D


Jewelry from Charming Charlie's
The outfit turned out to be exactly what I needed to be my less modest alter ego,
Tasha Fierce ;-)
Shoes from Zara


Two VERY simple reconstructions to support my limited budget :-D
Tell me what you think!!

Below are a few more pics from my weekend trip! Enjoy!

My concert dates!
Me and my cousin, Julisa

I like horses?

Me and Ted

Le Beach

Me and my curlfriend, Christy

And then there was 5?

Our hotel

Dinner.. Aren't my friends beautiful?!

just, beautiful lol
Bull ride in my hotel!

I think I had my eyes closed the entire time lol
The End
(And yes, this is how close we were to the stage! :-D)


Thanks for reading!
See you in the next post!
comment and stuff! *pops gum*
xoxo, Tasha


  1. The fact that you Googled what to wear to a Beyoncé concert is hilarious lol! I can't wait for my turn to see her :-) #countdown

  2. Loveeeee loveeeee loveeee the top! I can't get over the fact that it was originally created as a workout piece smexy!!

  3. Anonymous7/31/2013


  4. Anonymous7/31/2013

    I love your blog tasha!!!!!!!! This is your lovely friend Desire' Bounds by the way. I cannot believe you googled what to wear to her concert though!

    1. LOL Thanks Desire!

      And you know madam google has ALL the answers! lool


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