Thursday, July 4, 2013

Confessions of a Newbie

I know you're probably thinking:
"This girl said she was gonna be sewing and I aint seen nothing YET!"

well... your thoughts would be completely valid. lol
And I'm not here to spill a bunch of excuses but since I did say I was going to share the journey,
I just wanted note a couple of mistakes that I've made already :-)

So I went to Wal-Mart  and went SHOPPING lol
I bought thread,
2 bobbin cases,
multiple packs of bobbins for both of my machines,
2 pencil markers,
a titanium craft knife,
liquid stitch,
fray check,
a cardboard cutting board,
and a few other things I probably didn't need to bring my total to an obscene number that I wasn't planning on spending.

I thought I was REAL official lol

So the other day, I was all ready to go thread some bobbins with my Brother sewing machine.
I put a spool of thread on the machine and it didn't fit.  It was too small.
So I decided to use the skills that I learned in elementary school.. you know, reading.
Come to find out... I got the WRONG thread.

inside of machine sewing spools.

*shakes head*
I really thought I was doing something lol
So that discovery pushed my schedule BACK.

I was holding off on experimenting with my Singer sewing machine because the foot pedal was missing.
I was going to see if the pedal for the Brother fit in it or check some thrift stores to find one for it.
I went to check if the Brother pedal would fit and... It didn't.
I went back in the box that the Singer machine came in and I was checking out the power cord.
I thought the power cord had an adapter attached to
That big black thing was/is the pedal lol
So I've been sleeping on it for no reason.
*slaps forehead*

Fortunately, my mom came in to save the day.
She pulled out a tin can of multiple sewing machine thread spools :-)

So TODAY, I'm really starting.. FORREAL lol
And I can't wait to share my projects!

Don't sleep on me yet!

Oh! and Happy Fourth of July National Afro Day!

 See you in the next post!
come on back now ya hear!

xoxo, Tasha

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