Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Years | No Lye

Guess what?!

[June 25, 2013]

marks 2 years since my last relaxer!!

So today I am going to share my hair journey with you :-)
*caution: PIC HEAVY*

Relaxed and Happy :-)


the longest my hair had ever been, relaxed

right after I cut my own bangs


summer 2010 bangs all grown out

new haircut for my 20th birthday

fall 2010 when I got my bangs cut properly by a professional and my hair growing out of the cut

fast-forward>> 2011

My hair kind of just hit a stand-still with growth

got bored of my bangs and stopped wearing them

I got color in my hair for the first time EVER in March

I. Loved. It. It was one big "stripe" in the middle all the way across. The top and bottom were my natural color and the middle was a color that my stylist had mixed

I got my LAST relaxer on June 25, 2011
2 weeks before I was getting my roots colored for my birthday

The first weekend in August was extremely rainy and I got caught in that rain one too many times.
I ended up flat-ironing my hair 3 times that weekend and by Tuesday, my hair was CRISPY to the touch.

I went into panic-mode and decided that I wasn't going to use heat until I felt completely sure that my hair was back to, what I felt, was healthy.

My friend Juh, who's been natural her whole life, told me that she recently tried bantu knots on her hair and encouraged me to look up "Bantu Knot Out on relaxed hair"

So I did.
And I found Nina Pruitt who had beautiful, relaxed, bra strap length hair.
I tried the bantu knot out and I liked it.

I usually got my relaxers every 3 months but I usually flat-ironed my hair in between.
But because I was not using heat, when my new-growth started growing, it started growing in, in spirals.  I was like:
"Oooh, this is cute! Lemme see what this gon' look like!"

From then on I decided that I was not going to get another relaxer.

My Transition Styles

I got senegalese twists 3 separate times for 3 months at a time before I decided that my edges couldn't handle them.. at all anymore

extra hype at the curls coming in lol

I did MANY buns

But Twisted and Flat-twisted Updos were my STAPLE transitioning style

I also really liked Twist-Outs with Straws on the ends to mask my relaxed ends

I also did many puffs

And some other random styles


flat-twist with bun

braid-out with straws on the ends

idk what to call this.. but there's a french braid in the back lol

bantu knot - out

After 18 months of not using heat, I decided to straighten my hair for graduation.
It stayed straight for 2 months, despite the rain and snow or any other elements.

My hair was Bra-Strap-Length for the first time in my life!

I got a trim a couple weeks after graduation and I got 3 inches cut off to take me back to Armpit-Length

I ended up cutting off all of my relaxed ends after 22 months of transitioning on
April 27, 2013


the day after I cut off my relaxed ends

Natural Puff

My Afro

Wash n Go Puff .. still need practice on it

My new staple.. TWIST OUT!

Hope you enjoyed my story lol
If you have any questions, comment! Or email me!

See you in the next post!!
(hopefully it's about sewing, right? lol)
comment and stuff *hair flip*

xoxo, Tasha


  1. Go Tasha! Did you mean June 25th lol?

    1. LOOOL YES. yes I did... I'm too hype for July smh lol

  2. Man I saw you with buns COUNTLESS TIMES lol!! Love the journey through photos and good RIDDANCE DEADLOCKS



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