Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tailor | Update | Transform

So I came to the realization that some people get more understanding through things they SEE.
Which is completely understandable soooooo... I'm going to show you all what I have been talking about with the way some my clothes fit.

*disclaimer: My hair and I look a mess so I cropped my head out of some pics LOL I'll be more conscious next time :-)

In literally 5 minutes or so, I picked out a few items as examples.
Some things need tailoring, some things need updating, and some things need complete transformation.

Keep reading to see :-)

Tailoring : some items I'll simply "take-in" to fit me now

This is supposed to be a high-waisted skirt.  If I wear it now, it falls to my hips.  And in theory, it could be worn that way ,but the skirt has it's own "hips" sewn into it. And THOSE hips are somewhere on my thighs lol. AND as you can see in the first picture, the bottom is so open, I could almost fit another leg through it.

I walked into work with these pants on and a coworker said to me
 "I thought you were going for the gangster look"
They are EXTREMELY saggy (as you can see from the first and second pic).  In the first picture, the back is missing an entire donk. In the second picture, you can't tell but, my legs don't fill out the legs of the pants. The back is pretty empty.  The pants are also entirely too long.  Even with heels they're almost sweeping the floor.... Did I get shorter too?! lol jk

There is a HUGE story behind these pair of pants, but that is for a post all it's own. But you can see that I can fit BOTH arms in this pair of pants and all of the empty space discredits the little amount of junk I DO have in the trunk smh. NOT COOL.

 Updating : Items with potential that need modernizing.

This shirt I got from the thrift store. The first time I tried it on I fell in LOVE.I wore it with a belt to cinch my waist and it was PERFECT!
Now, even with a belt, it's just too big. It's not cute anymore. The sleeves are too big as well. It just needs help lol

My mother gave me this shirt a few weeks ago.  She's always pulling gems out of her closet from when she was my age. And as beautiful as this shirt is on a hanger, it did not translate well on my body at all. The back looks and feels fine but the front needs a new idea. It just needs an update.  It's also missing one of the gold buttons on the side so I will probably put completely new buttons on it and use those buttons for another project.

Transformingcomplete repurpose

This is another gem my mother gave me a year or two ago.  I've worn it MANY times. Usually with a belt but sometimes without.  Now it looks like a MUMU when I wear it.  I am literally shapeless in this now but I don't want to give it up. 
I love the stripes and it has slits on both sides. I'm thinking I can turn this into a maxi skirt.
What do you think? Ideas?

This shirt fits okay, i guess, but how many 22 (going on 23) year olds do you see walking around in double-piped frills?.....I'll wait.
I am itching to remove the piping off of this shirt and put it on something else.  
*shakes head* This just needs to be changed lol 
Any ideas?

My cousin when I tried this on :
"You look like the matrix!"
No, not Trinity... the ENTIRE matrix LOL
I'm almost sure I've had this dress since sophomore or junior year of high school.  It even used to have a brooch smack-dab on the top of it. I think the back looks great but where exactly am I going to wear this?! lol I want to take the dress part OUT from the inside and make a light overcoat.
What do you think?

This was just a  quick glance at a very small percentage of what I'll be working with.
If you have any ideas for these pieces, please leave a comment!
I'm definitely open to ideas and inspiration!

And I'm definitely looking into a camera with way better quality than my iPhone. Hopefully I can get that soon!
Thanks for taking the pictures, Toya!

See you in the next post!
share and stuff! *hair flip*

xoxo, Tasha.


  1. Your clothes make it seem as if you were so big, and you weren't! Sheesh what a drastic change lol

    1. They do right?! I don't know why it's so drastic but I can't wait to fix it! :-D


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