Sunday, June 9, 2013

Starting from the bottom...

*sings* It's been a looooooongggg, long time coming...

And I know nothing is going to change unless I make a move.

I'm going to spare the cry about how long I've been thinking about making this blog and about how many excuses reasons I had for not starting it. I'm just going to let you know "what", "when", and "why"... not necessarily in that order.

Over the last year, I've lost a respectable amount of weight if I say so myself. BUT the number 1 issue that comes with weight loss?

My clothes don't fit anymore.
And of course it isn't ALL of my clothes.. but it IS just about 80% of the clothes I wear most of the time (i.e. work clothes, church clothes, sweaters, tops...well anything really lol)

And that would NOT be that big of an issue if I was a baller, but that isn't the life I live. And this shawty does NOT have the coins to blow on a whole new wardrobe.

My Solution?

Update and Reconstruct.
I'm going to be taking majority of the clothes that do not fit me and tailoring and/or reconstructing them to fit me and my personal style.
I will also be updating and modernizing outdated clothes that I have had for years but can't seem to part with.

And NO i'm not a fashionista and I'm not planning on making this a fashion blog.
I am just sharing my inspired ideas in hopes to inspire someone else.

The awesome thing about this is that... I don't really know how to sew lol but.. I'm about to learn lol 

Hence the pic above 
There are a few new things I'm starting in my life and I want to be able to share and document the journey.  Everyone has to start somewhere :-)

What you can expect:
  • My closet reconstructions and updates (the WHAT as well as the HOW)
  • DIY projects I have been inspired to do over the years... yes, years
  • Bits and pieces of the life I live
  • Random bits of information that you may or may not know to improve your life and/or the life of people you know
  • Some truth about the Lord I love
  • Answers to any questions you may have for me

NOW... duh. *pops gum*

jk. But hopefully I can update often enough to not waste this idea. Follow/subscribe so you can get updates!

See you in the next post!
comment and stuff! *hair flip*

xoxo, Tasha.


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