Thursday, January 26, 2017

Another Clean Slate - from 2016 on to 2017

I want to have some closure for 2016 so I'm going to do a VERY quick overview so that I can move on with the future!

I made 17 garments for myself in 2016. Pretty lame considering I've made 25+ things in a year in the past. But I'll cut myself some slack because the reason for my sewing productivity was replaced with lots and lots of family time. And I LOVE my family so I'm not THAT disappointed.

Things I wear CONSTANTLY:
 Most of the other things haven't been worn because they were made at the END of their appropriate seasons lol So we'll see this year how much use I make of them.

Sew '16 Challenge
I completed 11 out og the 16 tasks of the Sew '16 Challenge. I think that was awesome considering 3 out of 12 months I did no sewing at all. I really enjoyed having the list to sort of guide me and it was fun! Did anyone else follow along with it?? Let me know down in the comments!

ALSO: I made a 30before30 list! Check it out! I'll be doing updates on the ones I complete. I'll be 27 this July so I think I have plenty of time :-)
Let me do a recap of the goals I made for 2016:
  • Put reviews of all my makes on PatternReview and become active in the community
    • hahahaha
  • Grow in Christ. Hopefully I will be sharing more on here like I did in my first year of blogging.
    • Check and kinda check. I grew but I didn't share much.
  • Make Closet Gallery for Blog
    • looooool
  • Learn how to use my CoverStitch machine
    • CHECK! used for the first time HERE.
  • Stop forcing sewing deadlines on myself. Code for less monthly group sewing and more taking my time and not rushing to get things done... or feeling guilty when I don't get things done. Not this year.
    • CHECK. And I feel completely liberated.
  • Do refashions. At least the ones I already had planned and then move on.
    • Check. got through my UFOs and threw out what I wasn't going to do.
  • Sew more for others. And not in a "client" way but more in a gift-giving or a giving-to-someone-in-need way
    • Yes. here, here, and I contributed here. But I want to do MORE.
  • Remnant De-Stash: Sew through 3 bags of remnants before the year is over
    • *cackles*
  • Make Outerwear
    • Check. I made a bomber jacket. Not the kind of outerwear I was talking about but it counts
  • Make Pants for work. I've given a lot away and I'm running low on options
    • nope. but soon come.
  • Sew Chiffons and Silks
    • yea.... no lool
2017 Sewing Goals
  • Make that Closet Gallery
  • Remnant De-stash
  • Get over fear of making pants
  • More selfless sewing
  • Make a tailored coat
  • Sew chiffons and silks
  • Fabric Buying ban (unless for things like linings, etc.)
That's what I'm working with! I hope you don't mind the update almost at February but time really FLIES when you're dealing with the loss of a loved one, and work, and other obligations, and on top of that trying to understand the state of the country you live in. I hope everyone (not just those directly affected by the changes) is taking the time to find ways to positively uplift our society in these.... interesting times.

I hope to have something sewn to share REAL soon! oh! sidenote: I take my first formal, in-person class in a couple of weeks and I'm really excited about it! I'll talk more about it when the time comes!

Be back soon!
xoxo, Tasha

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