Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mixing in Hardware - Simplicity 1280

Okay, I just need to get in one more 2016 make before I do my wrap up!

I actually made this before I made the red bomber but just lost timing on when I wanted to drop this post. This is one of the pieces I planned from my Fall&Winter sewing plans. sn: I'm still working on that list and will probably let it guide me all the way up to summer.

Okay, let's get into it. This is Simplicity 1280. I cut a size small looking at the finished measurements but I absolutely should have cut a medium. I think I was in the "I'm a 12!" mode and not facing reality but whatever. That's why it is sleeveless, but we'll talk about that later.

This is the 3rd garment I've made from this fabric. (1st & 2nd) I have definitely gotten my money's worth so I'm happy about that. This fabric was is a "Black Corded Lightweight Suiting" from Fabric Mart

As you all can see, I switched up the neck binding for a little customization. Instead of the binding, I cut 2 small strips of store-bought bias binding and made a loop and stitched them to the top corners of the neckline. I took apart an old necklace and attached chains to both sides of the neckline and then connected them together with another chain that falls straight down. All from the same necklace.

Because I cut a size too small, there is a lot of pulling and it is not as drapey as I wanted. It's okay though, I still plan on wearing it. I tacked down the center crossover so I don't have any malfunctions. Also, I couldn't add the sleeves because it would be too tight so I hemmed the armholes with bias binding. 

That's all to really share about this top. It only took a couple of hours. I love the pop of gold. Now that I've MacGyver'ed the hardware hack, I'll probably do it more often.

Also, this whole outfit is handmade!
Topper blogged here
Skirt blogged here
Scarf blogged here

Hope you guys are having a fantastic start to 2017! I'm getting a late blogging start but I'm excited for what this year will bring in my sewing world!

Be back real soon!


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