Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall + Winter 2016 Sewing Plans

When I made Fall sewing plans last year, you could say I was pretty successful. I managed to sew 8 out of the 10 things I had on my plan. My hope is that I will have the sammmeeee motivation this time around as well. And I'm extending the seasonal deadline because there isn't really a cutoff for Fall around  here just as there isn't a start time to Winter. They both just show up.. unannounced... just as rude as ever lol.

These are the things I plan to make. Keep in mind, I took these pics weeks ago so some things pictured may have changed, but I will explain when I get to those. Also, these aren't in any particular order. I will hyperlink the finished objects as well! Now let's get this started!!

1. Black Crossover-front Top - I still have a couple of yards left of this black corded suiting (used here and here) and I can never have enough black tops. I'm going to make the view the model is wearing on Simplicity 1280 but with a slight modification. It's a secret though :-)

2. Linen Floral Circle Skirt - I have an inspiration pic I am trying to imitate so I just needed a skirt pattern. I have used the New Look pattern before (here and here) and I love the skirt but it was too big for the width of this fabric, so I have drafted something that will hopefully work lol It's cut out, I'm just hoping it will fit after I sew it. I really love the fabric.

3&4. Wool Gray Pebbled Bomber and Red "Denim" Bomber - I have a little bit of this fabric left (used here) so I'm going to use the rest on a jacket. That was my original intention with the fabric but I'm just finally getting around to it. I just cut out a red one with some cool ribbing as a kind of muslin but I'm 96% sure that it's gonna come out great. Just wanted to test my fitting mods before I cut out the grey one. So I'll really have TWO bomber jackets for this season!

5. Knit Black Sweater - Made this pattern last year with brown and faux leather (here). I can always use another black sweater. Especially for layering when the temps are like 7 degrees lol

6. Crossover-top Sweater - LOVE View B. I saw my mom with a b/w striped shirt just like it and fell in love. This sweater knit is perfect for Fall/Winter. I originally bought it to make joggers with but I'd wear a sweater much more often.

7. Chambray and Olive Green Colette Asters (pattern) - Fell in love with this pattern when it came out.  I may make a copycat of the Chambray one they have on the site. Orrrr I may make the olive one with the shoulder tucks. I can't call it yet but they will be great layering pieces with my wardrobe... Throughout the year really... depending one what sleeves I put on them.

8. Double Knit Sweater dress - No explanation really needed. Can wear along or with boots and tights. Necessary.

9. Blush Pink Maxi dress - this fabric is the same as the black corded suiting above except that the label says "peach".. but after washing it looks very light pink. I am no longer using this pattern. I have changed my plan to a Vogue pattern. It is sleeveless but I want to have it for special occasion purposes. I need a LITTLE bit more formal frosting in my closet.

10&11. Kelly Green One shoulder strap and Black printed Deep V one pieces - I sewed a swimsuit at the same time last year too lol. I'm going on a cruise after Thanksgiving so I want two new swimsuits. Plus I have ZERO 1 one-piece suits and I think they will be cute.

12. Green Corduroy Skirt - Corduroy is great for both seasons and the skirt will be great to layer with tights and boots. I want a denim one too but all of the denims I have are too dark for my vision.

13. Gold Textured Crewneck w/ chiffon sleeves - I've had this gold/white sweater remnant for the longest. I'm going to make View D with white chiffon sleeves. I think it will look festive around the Christmas season. Might not be very warm though lol

14. White Skinny Jeans - I never understood what people mean when they say "winter white" because it looks like plain ol' regular white to me lol So I'm going to say I'm making "Winter White Jeans"... 'cause you know... sophistication.

15&16&17. Sutton Blouses (pattern) - I just need more tops in my wardrobe. Filling holes and stash-busting at the same time.

18&19. Brown stretch pull-on pants -  I'll be making both views of these pants. with the same brown stretch suiting fabric. I like having options like that when I get dressed in the morning.

20&21. Capes - For myself, I'll be using the houndstooth to make View E (or maybe C). For my mom, I'll be making View A out of this Gold fabric (that you can't see the beauty of in this pic). I previously made View A for myself (here).

22. Houndstooth DKNY wrap dress - It's almost finished. I'm a pattern envelope copycat so mine is in a houndstooth double knit. Just need to make and install the lining and zip.

23. Olive Double Georgette Silk crossover blouse - I'm scared to see what happens with this because I didn't have a lot of fabric and cutting didn't go extremely seamless but I'm going to press through to the end with it. I'm sure I'll learn quite a few things in the process lol

24. Brown Wool Pants - Making some pants for work is such a need right now. Especially warm pants lol. The color is off in this picture. The fabric is an Espresso color. It also has the slightest stretch so I'm excite to try this Vogue that people rave about.

So that's about it! LOL As if that wasn't enough hahaha. I might through another dress in the mix for a wedding I'm attending near the end of the year but that's a maybe. I won't rush one is what I'm saying. I think I have enough here to keep me busy for the next 5 months.. maybe 6 haha. 

Think I have enough wrap/crossover/v-neck tops?! lol They are my fave :-D

What do you think? I'm hoping that these pieces help to make my wardrobe a little more cohesive! Have you made some sewing plans for the upcoming season?? Tell me in the comments!

See you soon!
xoxo, Tasha

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