Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sewing Tools Birthday Haul!

Hello friends! I know what you're thinking.. "Wasn't her birthday in July?"
Yes. Yes it was lol but it took Amazon quite a while to send me all of my stuff so I had to wait okay! lol I just want to share the sewing tools I got that I believe will really help elevate my sewing skillsssss.

1. Fasturn Tube Turner Set
   When I first got the package in the mail, I was like "HUH?". These gold tube things with longs sticks inside looked very confusing. When I opened it up I realized how they are supposed to work. Each colorful mark is a separate tube. You put whatever you are trying to turn on it, then stick the tube turner through the gold cylinder. Hook the fabric to the tube turner and pull the fabric THROUGH the tube turning it right side out. I'm so excited to use these this fall when I make up some new swimsuits. I love that there are so many different sizes of cylinders in the pack!

2. Mini Duckbill Applique scissors
   I already have the normal size applique scissors but sometimes they are just hard to work with when I'm trying to grade smaller seam allowances and get in small spaces. I think I will find this mini ones (4.5") extremely helpful.

3. Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge
   This expanding gauge has been on my wishlist for QUITE some time. I haven't really sewn button ups but I do have a couple planned for this Fall and I want to try some shirtdresses in the spring. I KNOW this will come in handy even for eyelets and snaps, which I plan on using in the upcoming season.

4. Pack of 12 45mm rotary blades
   I already have a rotary cutter and have been using it for quite some time but finding this pack of 12 blades for only $13 was a nice surprise and I won't run out any time soon!

5. Thread Nippers
   I had a plastic pair and I hated it! I've used this metal pair all weekend and I'm much more satisfied with the sharpness of the blades.

6. 1-1/4" wide Ban-Rol
   Ban-rol has been on my wishlist ever since Andrea put out this tutorial for narrow hems. I always go the serger route that she mentions but I really wanted to try the comb method with the Ban-rol. It also doesn't hurt that Ban-rol is actually used for waistband interfacing. This is a 50 yd roll so I'm SURE it'll last me QUITE some time lol

7. 3pc Leather punch, Eyelet plier and Snap Button Setter

   Such an exciting find!! Knowing that I wanted to expand my creativity with eyelets and snaps, I set out looking for the snap setters and what not and I stumbled across this set of 3 that came WITH eyelets AND snaps (not shown in pic). All for $20! I can't wait to test out each piece. I may do a review much later if anyone wants that.

I'm going to put all of the links below for anyone that wants to check these things out. NONE ARE AFFILIATE LINKS. I bought all of these things with my own birthday money lol. Just sharing the info!

2. Mini Duckbills - Looks like the 4.5" ones are sold out but I bought them from the Thread Nanny shop and there are some other options. It's a great notions shop!
6. Ban-Rol - Out of stock from the seller I purchased from but may be available in the future.

Let  me know in the comments if you want to try any of these tools! Or if you already have them, what do you think about them??

See you soon!
xoxo, Tasha

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