Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Striped Scrap Skirt - Simplicity 1812

Earlier this summer when I was trying to figure out what style of skirt I was going to make my fringe suede remnant into, I went through all of my patterns to search for skirt patterns. I came across Simplicity 1812 as an option but I wasn't sold. So I thought "Well I can just make up a muslin real quick with some scrap fabric". I pulled out what was left from my Ankara shirtdress fabric and cut out the pattern. THEN I decided, "ehhh, I'll just make up my own pattern!" lol So here I had fabric cut out for a skirt pattern that, honestly, I wasn't feeling from the envelope. To a plastic baggy and the UFO basket it went. For MONTHS.

Once I decided I was trying to clean up my space and really get rid of UFOs so I could start new projects guilt-free, I came cross the baggy again. I felt like just scrapping it all to the trash. I really wasn't too fond of the pattern for whatever reason. Most of it being that they had a seam down the center front and the center back was on the fold. A small thing (and an EXTREMELY easy fix lol) but it annoyed me to no end. I am also not a fan of skirts with elastic waists so I try to avoid patterns like that. Finally I decided "ehh.. I'll just make it. It'll be quick". And quick it was.

So this is Simplicity 1812 (OOP) view F minus the flounce. I cut the size 14. I didn't make any  modifications to the pattern other than to turn it around lol putting the center seam in the back of the skirt. There are no darts, no gathering, no frills, just straight seams. Which would beg to question why I felt like cutting so many shortcuts to complete it.

Everything in me wanted to just sew it up and be done but I decided I would take the time to actually finish the seams (and add a tag). The entire time I was sewing it, I was thinking about who I could give it to because I had no intentions of keeping it lol. And even when it was done, I was ready to throw it in the bag with the clothes I was giving away at the time. But after like a week of looking at it, I started developing different feelings about it.

It started looking "okay". One of the reasons being, I believe, is because I took the time to finish the insides (even if just by serger). Then a friend of mine from Liberia invited me to her Grandmother's 70th bday party and I knew I needed something Ankara to wear. I planned on keeping it at LEAST until the party.

outside front

inside back

I finally wore it to the party and decided that I really do like it! It's cute and it has an almost A-line feel that makes it a little flirty. I was having a hard time trying to find things in my wardrobe to match with it, though. I had given away the matching shirtdress that I made previously because of ill-fit (swayback) and the fact that I didn't wear it. Ever. Not once. The only day I wore it was the day of that photo shoot (over a year ago). It probably would have been a really cute outfit together though. I'm thinking of putting in the effort to find some more of this fabric to remake the shirtdress properly so I can rock them together. 

So that's about it. I'm keeping it for now, but I'll see how much wear it gets next summer.
While I was out trying to take these pics, a car with two guys in it stopped in the middle of the street to watch for a second. Then the driver said "I'm gonna get in this pic!'. Then he literally got out of his car (that was still in the middle of the street) and came over and started directing me LOL "Look natural!"  "You have to relax!"  "Stand by this railing!" "okay now give a kiss on the cheek!"
Me : o_O  "Okay you've done enough lol Have a good day!"

loool Shoutout to my friend Gabby for these photos!

I'll be back next week. I'm going to a wedding this weekend so it should be fun! And I'm wearing handmade so that'll be up when I get back!

Do you ever push through to finish something you don't think you are going to like and then actually end up enjoying it?? Tell me in the comments!

xoxo, Tasha

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