Tuesday, April 12, 2016

OMG... I sewed clothes for a baby O_O

In my last post I talked about my fabric shopping trip in Atlanta. Let me talk about my original reason for going down to ATL to begin with. My goddaughter, Brooklyn,  was born on March 8, 2015. She was turning 1 year old and I had to make sure that she had a birthday that she would never remember. Get it? 'Cause she's ONE lol. But that didn't stop me. When she gets older and looks back at pics, she'll know she was loved and she'll appreciate the effort we put into making her day awesome.

The theme was Minnie Mouse per request from her grandmother so I knew immediately that I would be making her an outfit. I asked her mom "dress or skirt?" and she replied "skirt". I went to JoAnn to find some red fabric with white polk dots that I knew I would find in the quilting cotton section. Later, I was perusing Michael's to find crafting materials for other party favors and I came across some cute golden frilled elastic on clearance and I scooped it up. I looked up a few different resources to see what the general measurements were for 12 mo and then I found a quick no seam circle skirt tutorial. These are the results:

Below are the other crafts that we put together:

This "B" I bought from Hobby Lobby. It was a murky green color and it was purposely rustic-looking. I sanded it down to be smooth and then decided to paint the whole thing white before I painted over it. Unfortunately no matter how many coats of white I painted, you could still see the rustic spots I sanded over when I added another color. What I ended up having to do was spray paint the top black and then spray paint the whole bottom white. Then I was able to paint over the bottom with red and then I spray painted white dots on from a stencil that my friend cut out of newspaper. The giant bow is also from Hobby Lobby.

These were made as little party favors to take home. I used two different size Styrofoam balls and painted them all individually before connecting them by toothpicks. The mini pots were from Michael's and they were orange but we painted them red with paint from the gardening section and then painted white dots on top. The ribbons were bought at the Spanish store and were folded to make bows. One side said her full name and the other said "First Birthday 3-8-16". I wasn't able to superglue or hot glue the ribbons to the Styrofoam so I bought some yellow quilting pins and attached them that way. The Styrofoam heads are attached to wooden sticks that are attached to a square block that is hot glued into the pot. The yellow hay covers it up.

We had a little photobooth station as well. The pics were printed out individually on their own sheets of paper. The paper was then laminated and then the shapes were cut out. I attached them (by scotch tape) to wooden sticks that I got from Michael's. These pics don't show all of the shapes.  The letters were designed and printed by my friend onto cardstock. I cut them out with a box cutter and glued them down to some wrapping paper. We put the wrapping paper on the wall.

The food was also Minnie-themed. Top Left: "Bow Bites" - strawberries on both ends with a blueberry in the middle to imitate a bow. Top Right: Regular-sized oreos with two mini oreos for ears connected by toothpicks. Then the oreos were dipped in red icing. Bottom Left: Rice Krispy Treats cut out with a mouse-shaped cookie cutter and then the ears were dipped in chocolate. Bottom Right: A Styrofoam sphere with two balls attached as ears and lollipops stuck into the sphere.

It's funny because now that I'm writing about the things, it doesn't seem like much but it took a LOT of time and quite a bit of effort to pull all of it off. I'm proud of the work that was done and for all of the help from my Mom, my best friends, BK's parents, and the hosts of the party. I couldn't have done it without them. Hopefully Brooklyn will look back and know how much she's loved.

xoxo, Tasha

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