Thursday, April 7, 2016

7. Share the Love | #sew16in2016

You may have thought I forgot about the Sew '16 Challenge... alas, I did not. This installment is titled "Share the Love" and we are supposed to sew for someone that we never have before. Who better to pick than little humans that have just been (or will be) welcomed into the world! I made some baby blankets and I think they have become my favorite gift to give. They can be personalized so much. I had 2 girls and 2 boys on the bill. So far, 3 of them are here and one is soon to come.

Pink minky fabric from JoAnn's and striped flannel from Fabric Mart

Black flannel from JoAnn's and plaid fleece from Fabric Mart

Both hand/foot print flannel and black minky from JoAnn's

Both heart flannel and pink minky fabrics from JoAnn's

All of the Satin Blanket Bindings are from JoAnn's. I usually buy a yard of each, pre-wash the fabrics, true-up/square all of the edges and then baste the edges together. Then I sew the binding on top. Quick project but sewn with love and I'm sure the babies feel it :-)

xoxo, Tasha

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