Tuesday, April 5, 2016

If I buy another piece of fabric....

..............My mom might kick me out of the house.

I'm joking. I'm joking.... maybe.

I don't know what got into these last few months but I have been buying fabric like I don't have any sense. I think NOT buying much fabric last year left a suppressed desire in me that just exploded when the new year hit lol. My imagination has definitely been controlling my wallet but you may have noticed that the output (garment posts) has not been reflected in what I'm describing.

I'm going to share my last "few" fabric purchases and then I'll share how I feel. I know collecting fabric was a discussion the last couple of weeks and I'd like to share my opinion as well :-)

But before that! Let's talk about my most recent purchase from Fabric Mart. I really do love them. So many affordable fabrics and there's always a sale going on. I have not regretted one purchase from them in the past. This last box came as a result of a 50% all Cotton Fabrics sale. Since I would like to focus more on fit this year, I figured cottons are the right place to start (Weak justification, I know lol).

I bought 2 border print cottons. Both cotton sateen if I'm not mistaken. I have been wanting a border print fabric since my first year of sewing but couldn't find any for a long time. I noticed that Fabric Mart has been selling a bit more of them so I was happy to get my hands on some. I want to make dresses out of them and I already have some Vogue patterns in mind for the job.

These are the other fabrics I picked out with that order. From top to bottom:
Bone China Silk (buy the piece)
Red rayon fabric that I have the matching black fabric to (buy the piece)
Looks lavender in the pic but is Grey cotton shirting
Tan water-repellant cotton
Knit-backed Faux fur
My yellow embroidered eyelet was in this box but I used it already here.

These fabrics I didn't choose but I got in a 6yd mystery bundle. They are all knit fabrics. The royal blue on the bottom is either a neoprene or scuba. I wish the mystery bundles came with labels like the other fabrics. They feel really nice though. I also got a 10yd mystery bundle of linings but don't have a pic of those.

I would have stopped there but a few weeks before I had already made plans to go fabric shopping with LeJanaro when I came to Atlanta for my goddaughter's birthday. I couldn't CANCEL on her lol She took me to Fine Fabrics and when I tell you I almost walked out with NOTHING LOL and not because I didn't want anything but because I wanted EVERYTHING. I walked around the warehouse for about an hour going back and forth to the same sections and then different sections. I was so overwhelmed. I did end up making some decisions though and I am proud of them. First a small look inside:

I finally settled on some pieces. Included in that purchase was some black and gray silk organza but they aren't pictured separately below (they are at the top of the full stack)

This is a ponte knit. It is such a beautiful texture that you can kind of see on camera and it has these streaks of gold all throughout. It was the first choice I made. I absolutely love it!

I bought two separate yardages of denim. Hopefully the blue on the bottom will be stretchy enough for some birkin flares. The top I want to make some skinny jeans with. Probably high-waisted Gingers. These denims feel very sturdy but still have some stretch. I'm happy with their quality.

I bought this striped cotton knit with a specific project in mind (infinity dress)

This is another border print I fell in love with. It's an ITY knit. It will be very interesting to decide on how to use this one.

I bought this ITY knit fabric because it's somewhat of a border print. I will probably make a maxi dress for my mom out of it. I'm not sure.

I bought some random trim as well. It's not really like me to buy trims with no plan in mind but I thought it was very interesting.

So after my eyes stopped glistening and I was able to walk out of Fine Fabrics (not without getting 30% off my purchase :-D !) I asked LeJanaro to take me to Hancock's because Vogue patterns were on sale and I NEEDED to get that swimsuit pattern.... But of course the new patterns weren't out yet. Shoot, they didn't even really have the old patterns lol. I was disappointed with Atlanta's Hancock's to say the least. But I did walk out with some cute things.

The top is a woven. I BELIEVE it's either polyester or rayon... Or I don't know what either one REALLY feels like is so I'm just guessing lol. Either way, the fabric was beautiful and it would be perfect for one of the inspiration screenshots I have in my phone. The bottom is a double knit. Perfect for lounge pants, which is probably what they'll be. I need more of those.

That concludes my Atlanta fabric haul. You think that'd been enough right! Well here goes my enabler, HEATHER, with the announcement that Craftsy had fabric on sale. So my eyes couldn't unsee what I had read so I just went over for a quick gander. What do I see? Lots of Robert Kauffman that everyone talks about. Then I remember that I REALLY want a denim shirt to wear. Oh and white denim skinnies too.

I bought some denim chambray and white denim for my ideas. Unfortunately the white doesn't have any stretch (specified online as 100% cotton) and I'm annoyed that I bought it even though it's my fault for not implementing reading comprehension lol. But then I'm not annoyed because I didn't have white denim and now I do. It will probably turn into a shirtdress.

And look at the cute packaging!

So that was really the end of it... Until Sunday smh. I saw Erica B. in the white skinnies that I've always wanted and I HAD to have some stretch white denim... So I bought some. It hasn't come in yet because I just bought it like .2 seconds ago but I HAD to get this post out so I could DECLARE that I AM NOT BUYING ANYMORE FABRIC THIS YEAR!

That's right. I'm on a Fabric Fast. It might even last until 2018. I have soooo much fabric in the closet that NONE of the fabrics mentioned in this post can fit inside. It's pretty ridiculous at this point. Especially since my output is not very fast. The only fabrics I will allow myself to buy are linings. DAS IT.

Carolyn talked about how she felt with her collection of fabric and I really admire it. Her points were honest and perfectly fit her future plans. And I agree with her that different times in our lives we feel differently. Right now I feel like I'm doing no good buying fabric and not using it. I feel like a hoarder and I'm actually overwhelming myself. I have so many plans in my head and I don't give myself the chance to execute ANY because I'm quickly on to the next new box of fabric having forgot the preceding purchase just as quick. I'm deciding to discipline myself and use what I have. At LEAST make a dent, ya know? I don't feel like I've been very fiscally responsible at this time in my life still having fabrics in my closet that I bought in 2013 for a purpose and still haven't gotten to it almost 3 years later. I could have used that money (and some from many other purchases) on things that are more pressing on my mind right now (like looming debt).

What do you think? Buy all the fabric or keep yourself on a limit? Where are you at in your life as it relates to sewing and fabric?

xoxo, Tasha

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